Securityholders definition

Securityholders means the Noteholders and the Certificateholders.
Securityholders shall have the meaning assigned to such term in this Section 1.01 under the definition of “Holder.”
Securityholders means the Noteholders and the Certificateholders, collectively.

Examples of Securityholders in a sentence

  • Any of the Aggregate Merger Consideration remaining unclaimed by Participating Securityholders as of a date which is immediately prior to such time as such amounts would otherwise escheat to or become property of any Governmental Authority shall, to the extent permitted by applicable Law, become the property of Parent free and clear of any claims or interest of any person previously entitled thereto.

  • Any portion of the Exchange Fund that remains undistributed to the Participating Securityholders for one (1) year after the Effective Time shall be delivered to Parent, upon demand, and any Participating Securityholder who has not theretofore complied with this Section 3.2 shall thereafter look only to Parent for such holder’s portion of the Aggregate Per Share Merger Consideration.

  • If the Company defaults in a payment of interest on the Securities, it shall pay the defaulted amounts, plus any interest payable on defaulted amounts pursuant to Section 4.1, to the Persons who are Securityholders on a subsequent special record date, which date shall be the 15th day next preceding the date fixed by the Company for the payment of defaulted interest, or the next succeeding Business Day if such date is not a Business Day.

  • Except in the case of a Default or an Event of Default in payment of the principal of, or interest or premium, if any, on, any Security of any Series, the Trustee may withhold the notice if and so long as the Board of Directors of the Trustee, the executive committee or any trust committee of such board and/or its Responsible Officers in good faith determine(s) that withholding the notice is in the interests of the Securityholders of that Series.

  • The Trustee shall preserve in as current a form as is reasonably practicable the most recent list available to it of the names and addresses of Securityholders of each Series of Securities and shall otherwise comply with TIA Section 312(a).

More Definitions of Securityholders

Securityholders means, collectively, the Shareholders and the Optionholders;
Securityholders has the meaning set forth in the preamble.
Securityholders means the Holders of the Notes.
Securityholders means, collectively, the Shareholders and the holders of Incentive Securities.
Securityholders or other similar terms mean the registered holder of any Security.
Securityholders means the several persons who are for the time being holders of the Securities (being, in the case of Bearer Securities, the bearers thereof and, in the case of Registered Securities, the several persons whose names are entered in the register of holders of the Registered Securities as the holders thereof) save that, in respect of the Securities of any Series, for so long as such Securities or any part thereof are represented by a Bearer Global Security deposited with a depositary for Euroclear and/or Clearstream, Luxembourg or so long as DTC or its nominee is the registered holder of a DTC Global Security each person who is for the time being shown in the records of Euroclear or Clearstream, Luxembourg or, as the case may be, DTC as the holder of a particular nominal amount of the Securities of such Issue shall be deemed to be the holder of such nominal amount of such Securities (and the holder of the relevant Global Security shall be deemed not to be the holder) for all purposes of the Trust Instrument other than with respect to the payment of principal, premium (if any) or interest (if any) on such Securities, the right to which shall be vested, as against the relevant Issuer and the relevant Trustee, solely in such depositary or, as the case may be, DTC or its nominee and for which purpose such depositary or, as the case may be, DTC or its nominee shall be deemed to be the holder of such nominal amount of such Securities in accordance with and subject to its terms and the provisions of the Trust Instrument and the expressions "Securityholder", "holder of Securities" and related expressions shall be construed accordingly.
Securityholders means the Class A Noteholders, the Class B Noteholders (as defined in the Series Supplement) and the Redraw Bondholders (as defined in the Series Supplement).