Noteholders definition

Noteholders means the holders of the Notes.
Noteholders. Meeting” means a meeting among the Noteholders held in accordance with Clause 16 (Noteholders’ Meeting).

Examples of Noteholders in a sentence

  • These provisions permit defined majorities to bind all Noteholders including (i) those Noteholders who did not attend and vote at the relevant meeting or, as the case may be, did not sign the written resolution or give their consent electronically, and (ii) those Noteholders who voted in a manner contrary to the majority.

  • The aim of the Adjustment Spread is to reduce or eliminate, to the extent reasonably practicable, any economic prejudice or benefit (as the case may be) to Noteholders as a result of the replacement of the relevant Original Reference Rate with the Successor Rate or the Alternative Rate.

  • In the absence of bad faith or fraud, the Independent Adviser shall have no liability whatsoever to the Paying Agents or the Noteholders or Couponholders for any advice given to the Issuer in connection with any determination made by the Issuer pursuant to this Condition 4(b)(iii).

  • The Conditions contain provisions for calling meetings of Noteholders to consider and vote upon matters affecting their interests generally, or to pass resolutions in writing or through the use of electronic consents.

  • In addition, the Conditions provide that the Paying Agents (as defined in the Conditions) shall be obliged to concur with the Issuer or the Guarantor (if applicable) in effecting any Benchmark Amendments (as defined in the Conditions) in the circumstances and as otherwise set out in Condition 4(b)(iii)(D) without the consent or approval of the Noteholders.

More Definitions of Noteholders

Noteholders means the Class A Noteholders and the Class B Noteholders.
Noteholders means, at any time, the holders of the Notes at such time.
Noteholders. Distributable Amount” means, with respect to any Payment Date, the sum of: (a) the Class Interest Amount for each Class of Notes and (b) the Note Monthly Principal Distributable Amount.
Noteholders means the registered holders of the Notes.
Noteholders means the persons in whose name the Notes are registered from time to time.
Noteholders means holders of the Notes.
Noteholders means each Person in whose name a Note is registered in the Note Register maintained by the Indenture Trustee.