Secondhand dealer definition

Secondhand dealer means a person who carries on the business of retailing or wholesaling used or secondhand property, including collectibles, or who operates a secondhand dealers’ premises, except for a person who carries on the business of retailing or wholesaling used property limited to:
Secondhand dealer means any Person who keeps a store, office, or Place of Business for the purchase, barter or exchange or sale of any secondhand merchandise of value, or who Engages in the Business of dealing in secondhand goods. A secondhand dealer does not include any Person who deals in the purchase, barter, exchange, or sale of used motor vehicles and trailers, or buys or sells fewer than five
Secondhand dealer means any person engaged in whole or in part in the business of buying and selling metal junk, melted metals or secondhand personal property, other than antiques, used books, coins and collectibles.

Examples of Secondhand dealer in a sentence

  • You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Product, except and only to the extent that it is expressly permitted by applicable law notwithstanding this limitation.

  • Secondhand dealer licenses are subject to late fees per Rule VII(1)(B) and to the additional employee fee per vendor employee.

  • Secondhand dealer licenses expire 365 days from license start date.

  • Secondhand dealer means any person buying coins, guns, camera equipment or power operated devices including but not limited to televisions, compact disk players, video cassette recorders, radio or sound equipment, electronic equipment and yard or garden equipment from any entity not having a South Carolina Tax Commission license and reselling same.


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Secondhand dealer means any person, subject to any exemptions provided for in any Law, who by way of the internet or otherwise -
Secondhand dealer means a person engaged in the business of purchasing used or estate precious metal, coins, antiques, furniture, jewelry, or similar items for the purpose of resale.
Secondhand dealer means a person engaged in conducting, managing, or carrying on the business of buying, selling, trading, taking in pawn, accepting for sale on consignment, accepting for auctioning or auctioning secondhand goods and articles.
Secondhand dealer means any person, corporation, or other business organization or entity which is not a secondary metals recycler subject to part II and which is engaged in the business of purchasing, consigning, or trading secondhand goods.
Secondhand dealer means a person engaged in, conducting, managing, or carrying on the business of selling goods and articles acquired by purchasing secondhand articles from any person not representing a bona fide business, who
Secondhand dealer means any person who engages in the business of buying, selling, exchanging or dealing in personal property which has been previously owned or used, but not from an original source. It shall not include those persons engaged in the pawn business.
Secondhand dealer means: