Sanitation definition

Sanitation means the promotion of hygiene and the prevention of disease and other consequences of ill health relating to environmental factors ;
Sanitation means the treatment of a clean surface for the destruction of micro-organisms including pathogens.
Sanitation means the promotion of hygiene and the prevention of disease by maintenance of sanitary environmental conditions and practices.

Examples of Sanitation in a sentence

  • The Chairperson will invite a representative of the Regional Project Coordinating Unit to present discussion document SOPAC/GEF/IWRM/RSC.4/7 “Progressing National Water and Sanitation Policy and IWRM Plan Development in Pacific Island Countries”.

  • Proposed core elements to be presented for discussion by the RSC include: (1) Diagnostic Reviews of Water and Sanitation; (2) Overarching Strategic Policy Statements for Water and Sanitation; (3) Costed Investment Plans (~5 year); (4) Coordination and Governance Arrangements; and (5) Government Endorsement.

  • Constitute a National WASHFederalShort termThis should replace theGovernmentCoordination Committee (N-government/ two separate structuresapproval of theWASHCC) under the ChiefMOWS of the Nationalproposed Sanitation and Hygienestructure Steering Committee and TABLE 9.

  • Sanitation tools and utensils must be suitable for, and dedicated for intended use and shall be clean, properly maintained.

  • Sanitation Population gaining access (per year, %)Population gaining access (per year, %) Source: WHO–Joint Monitoring Programme 2010, from Demographic and Health Surveys for 1987,1996, 2001 and 2006 Between late 1900s and early 2000s, the patterns from providing access to sanitation modalities have shifted from flush toilets to improved latrines.

More Definitions of Sanitation

Sanitation means the collection, transport, treatment and disposal or reuse of human excreta or domestic waste water, whether through collective systems or by installations serving a single household or undertaking;
Sanitation means the safe disposal of human excreta; “sell” includes -
Sanitation means the promotion of hygiene and prevention of disease by the maintenance of uncontaminated conditions.
Sanitation means the maintenance of sanitary conditions to promote hygiene and the prevention of disease through the use of chemical agents or products;
Sanitation means the provision of on-site sanitation services including latrines, septic tanks and conservancies including the associated exhauster services;
Sanitation means facilities and services for the safe disposal of human urine, faeces, and menstrual blood;
Sanitation means the promotion of hygiene and the prevention of disease and other Causes of ill health related to environmental factors. However, the relevant provisions in respect of sanitation and health in any other rules, act or bye laws shall continue to prevail as usual.