Salt water definition

Salt water means those marine waters seaward of river
Salt water means those marine waters seaward of river mouths.
Salt water means any water containing more than five thousand (5,000) parts per million total dissolved solids.

Examples of Salt water in a sentence

  • Ethylbenzene (100-41-4)BCF - Fish [1]1 (6 week(s), Oncorhynchus kisutch, Flow-through system, Salt water, Experimental value)Partition coefficient n-octanol/water (Log Pow)3.6 (Experimental value, EU Method A.8: Partition Coefficient, 20 °C)Bioaccumulative potentialLow potential for bioaccumulation (BCF < 500).

  • Salt water sources are exempt from the potable water chemical standards except for iron and color requirements.

  • Salt water samples and/or any specimens contained or transported in salt water are prohibited.

  • Sodium chloride added to pool waters when used in conjunction with electrolytic chlorine generators shall not constitute a salt water swimming pool.(b) Salt water pools shall be posted as such.

  • Salt water entering from San Francisco Bay extends well into the Delta, and intrusion of the saline tidal waters is checked only by the natural barrier formed by fresh water flowing out from the Delta.

More Definitions of Salt water

Salt water means any tidal saltwater defined as Class SA, SB or Shellfish Harvesting (SFH) by SC Regulation 61-68 and classified by SC Regulation 61-69.
Salt water in this By-law means water in a swimming pool or hot tubs/spas or wading pools which has dissolved salts, such as, but not limited to sodium chloride;
Salt water means water having a relative density of 1.025;
Salt water means those marine waters seaward of
Salt water as used in this chapter means any water containing more than five hundred (500) mg/l chlorides;
Salt water means water, commonly referred to as oil field brine, which is produced in association with oil and/or gas and which is generally considered unsuitable for human consumption or for irrigation because of its high content of dissolved solids.
Salt water means produced water, flowback water and other water and substances generated from the exploration for and production of hydrocarbons.