kVA definition

kVA means kilovolt-ampere or kilovolt-amperes;
kVA means kilovoltamperes;
kVA means kilovolt-ampere.

More Definitions of kVA

kVA means Kilovolt-Ampere, the unit of power.
kVA means kilovolt-ampere, which is the designation for the apparent power of a circuit.
kVA means kilovolt amperes.
kVA means kilovolt–ampere (amp). “kVAh” means kilovolt ampere hour. “kVAr” means kilovolt ampere reactive. “kW” means kilowatt.
kVA means one or more kilovolts-amperes of electricity, as the context requires.
kVA means kilovolt ampere or kilovolt amperes; (kk) “kW” means kilowatt or kilowatts;
kVA means kilovolt–ampere (amp).