RT definition

RT means Re-Tender.
RT means Re-Tender
RT means Re- Tender.

Examples of RT in a sentence

For two-step qRT-PCR, the volume of the cDNA added (from the RT reaction) should not exceed 10 % of the final PCR volume.

Appl Environ Microbiol 59: 1294–1302.26 Fuhrman JA, RM Wilcox, RT Noble and NC Law.

An administrative contract shall specify:[RT I, 13.12.2014, 2 - entry into force 01.01.2016]1) the object of the contract;2) the costs related to the object of the contract and payment thereof;3) the obligations of the user;4) entry into force and expiry of the contract.11) [Repealed - RT I 2009, 11, 67 - entry into force 01.05.2009](2) A device necessary for work is an aid without which, due to a person's disability, the person is unable to perform his or her duties.

This raw phase is passed through the first component of the localization network based on a convolutional neural network (CNN) given by LocNet-CNN(·) to extract phase feature Z by pooling the channels as follows: Z = LocNet-CNN(P) ∈ RT ×Q, (1)·where Q is the feature dimension.

In his 1898 history of energetics, Helm defended and promoted RT.

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RT means the monthly rebalancing date immediately preceding (and including) Index Business Day t;
RT means removal of text.
RT means reverse transcription.
RT means, collectively, RT-Icon, together with its Affiliates and its and their successors and assigns (other than the Company and its Subsidiaries).
RT means Registrar & Transfer Company, or its successor as transfer agent of the Common Stock.
RT means Remote Terminal equipment of DLC, including all its accessories, located at the BN.
RT means room temperature and is defined as 25 ± 5 °.