Revenue Report definition

Revenue Report is defined in Section 6.2(b).
Revenue Report shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7.6.
Revenue Report means a report on revenue collected by the Tenant from the business at the Premises, provided by the Tenant to the Landlord, which report must:

Examples of Revenue Report in a sentence

  • The Contract Revenue Report is included with the electronic Board material.

  • Revenue Report – Summary for Mechanical & Plumbing Permits, Electrical Revenue Reports (In an effort to condense the size of meeting packets, we will be providing a Summary Report each month.

  • This report consists of the Program Expense Report (Schedule A), the Program Revenue Report (Schedule B), and the Final Program Expense Summary Page (Schedule C).

  • Treasurer’s Revenue Report as submitted by Clerk/Treasurer Tara Peltoma.

  • The Contractor shall provide a Monthly Revenue Report (MRR) using the format specified in Section J, Attachment J-6, in Microsoft Excel 2007 format on the 15th calendar day of each month.

More Definitions of Revenue Report

Revenue Report means a full and proper report setting out the Commercial Revenue in relation to a given period.
Revenue Report has the meaning set forth in Section 8.6(b)(ii).
Revenue Report shall have the meaning set forth in SECTION 5.6.
Revenue Report is defined in Section 7.3(c). ​
Revenue Report has the meaning assigned thereto in Section 3.4.
Revenue Report means an itemized statement of the total amounts of money arising from all:
Revenue Report means a series of detailed spreadsheets listing the revenue amounts and sources for