Responsibility for Content definition

Responsibility for Content. You, as Green Media’s customer, are solely responsible for the content stored on and served by your Smartbox account. Customer agrees not to remove, modify or obscure any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights notices that appear on Software Prod- ucts or that appear during the use of Software Products. Customer further agrees not to reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the program Smartbox is based on.
Responsibility for Content. User is solely responsible for the contents of the messages it communicates when using MHC Cable Modem Service, as well as any consequences of communicating such messages. User agrees that it will not use MHC Cable Modem Service for chain letters, junk mail, and “SPAMMING”. Customer further agrees not to use MHC Cable Modem Service to send any message or material that is unlawful, gives rise to civil liability or otherwise violates community standards. MHC takes no responsibility for any material created or accessible on or through the MHC Network and Services, including, but not limited to, all chat and bulletin board communications which are public and not private communications. MHC is not obligated to monitor such material, but reserves the right to do so.

Examples of Responsibility for Content in a sentence

  • Responsibility for Content - Contractor is solely responsible for administration, content, intellectual property rights and all materials at Contractor’s web site including Contractor’s NYS Contract page, or pages.

  • Responsibility for Content: Contractor is solely responsible for administration, content, intellectual property rights and all materials at Contractor’s website.

  • Responsibility for Content Contractor is solely responsible for administration, content, intellectual property rights and all materials at Contractor’s web site.

  • Responsibility for Content of this Prospectus The Directors of Derrimon Trading Company Limited, whose names appear in Section 16 of this Prospectus, are the persons responsible for the information contained herein.

  • Attendance and Responsibility for Content Missed if AbsentThe course goes on even if you are not able to be there.

  • Responsibility for Content Provided by the General Public 11.1. User Generated Content/Eyewitness News A Media Outlet shall ensure that the same principles of checking for accuracy, legal, and ethical compliance are applied to journalistic content sourced from the general public (UGC or Eyewitness News content) as with all content it publishes.

  • The Superior Court has jurisdiction to determine revocation of defendant's release while the defendant's appeal is pending.

  • The result of those discussions is reflected in Policy 10.1 Responsibility for Content of ALA Publications, which states (in the last paragraph) that “The decision as to appropriate material for inclusion in the publication shall rest with the editor guided by the ALA Constitution, its Bylaws, and relevant policies as adopted by the ALA Council .

  • Responsibility for Content Vendor is solely responsible for administration, content, intellectual property rights, and all materials at Vendor’s website.

  • Subscriber Responsibility for Content You acknowledge that there is some content and material on the Internet or otherwise available through the Service which may be of- fensive to some individuals, may be unsuitable for children, may vio- late federal, state or local laws, rules, or regulations or may violate your protected rights or those of others.

Related to Responsibility for Content

  • Customer Responsibilities means the responsibilities of the Customer set out in Call Off Schedule 4 (Implementation Plan) and any other responsibilities of the Customer in the Call Off Order Form or agreed in writing between the Parties from time to time in connection with this Call Off Contract;

  • Responsibilities means the responsibilities delegated to BNY under the Rule as a Foreign Custody Manager with respect to each Specified Country and each Eligible Foreign Custodian selected by BNY, as such responsibilities are more fully described in Article III of this Agreement.

  • Area of responsibility means the geographical area, as

  • Extended producer responsibility ’ (EPR) means responsibility of any producer of packaging products such as plastic, tin, glass, wrappers and corrugated boxes, etc., for environmentally sound management, till end-of-life of the packaging products ;

  • TAXPAYERS' RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES means the rights provided to taxpayers in sections 718.11 , 718.12 , 718.19, 718.23, 718.36, 718.37, 718.38, 5717.011 , and 5717.03 of the Ohio Revised Code and any corresponding ordinances of the Municipality, and the responsibilities of taxpayers to file, report, withhold, remit, and pay municipal income tax and otherwise comply with Chapter 718. of the Ohio Revised Code and resolutions, ordinances, and rules adopted by a municipal corporation for the imposition and administration of a municipal income tax.

  • Responsibility means a duty for which a person is accountable by virtue of licensure.

  • Vigilance Officer means an officer appointed to receive protected disclosures from Whistle Blower, maintaining records thereof, placing the same before the Audit Committee for its disposal and informing the Whistle Blower the result thereof.

  • Duty of support means an obligation imposed or imposable by law to provide support for a child, spouse, or former spouse, including an unsatisfied obligation to provide support.

  • Scope of Services or “Scope of Work” means the work to be performed by the Proposer or Consultant as described in Section 2.0 of this RFP, as amended thereto.

  • Program Manager refers to the professional management firm selected by the Owner as the Owner’s representative for the Project, and its employees and consultants.

  • Prosecution and Maintenance or “Prosecute and Maintain” means, with regard to a Patent Right, the preparing, filing, prosecuting and maintenance of such Patent Right, as well as handling re-examinations, reissues, and requests for patent term extensions with respect to such Patent Right, together with the conduct of interferences, the defense of oppositions and other similar proceedings with respect to the particular Patent Right. For clarification, “Prosecution and Maintenance” or “Prosecute and Maintain” will not include any other enforcement actions taken with respect to a Patent Right.

  • Medical Affairs Activities means activities designed to ensure or improve appropriate medical use of, conduct medical education of, or further research regarding, an Optioned Product sold in the Territory, including by way of example: (a) activities of medical scientific liaisons who, among their other functions, may (i) conduct service-based medical activities including providing input and assistance with consultancy meetings, recommend investigators for clinical trials and provide input in the design of such trials and other research related activities, and (ii) deliver non-promotional communications and conduct non-promotional activities including presenting new clinical trial and other scientific information; (b) grants to support continuing medical education, symposia, or Third Party research related to an Optioned Product in the Territory; (c) development, publication and dissemination of publications relating to an Optioned Product in the Territory; (d) medical information services provided in response to inquiries communicated via sales representatives or received by letter, phone call or email; (e) conducting advisory board meetings or other consultant programs; (f) the support of investigator-initiated trials; and (g) establishment and implementation of risk, evaluation and mitigation and strategies (REMS).

  • Coordinator means the person designated by Canada to act as the Dispute Resolution Coordinator.

  • Financial responsibility means the ability to respond in damages for liability thereafter incurred

  • quality (functionality means the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs F.1.4 Communication and employer’s agentEach communication between the employer and a tenderer shall be to or from the employer's agent only, and in a form that can be read, copied and recorded. Writing shall be in the English language. The employer shall not take any responsibility for non-receipt of communications from or by a tenderer. The name and contact details of the employer’s agent are stated in the tender data. F.1.5 The employer’s right to accept or reject any tender offer F.1.5.1 The employer may accept or reject any variation, deviation, tender offer, or alternative tender offer, and may cancel the tender process and reject all tender offers at any time before the formation of a contract. The employer shall not accept or incur any liability to a tenderer for such cancellation and rejection, but will give written reasons for such action upon written request to do so. F.1.5.2 The employer may not subsequent to the cancellation or abandonment of a tender process or the rejection of all responsive tender offers re-issue a tender covering substantially the same scope of work within a period of six months unless only one tender was received and such tender was returned unopened to the tenderer. F.2 Tenderer’s obligations F.2.1 EligibilitySubmit a tender offer only if the tenderer satisfies the criteria stated in the tender data and the tenderer, or any of his principals, is not under any restriction to do business with employer. F.2.2 Cost of tenderingAccept that the employer will not compensate the tenderer for any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of a tender offer, including the costs of any testing necessary to demonstrate that aspects of the offer satisfy requirements. F.2.3 Check documentsCheck the tender documents on receipt for completeness and notify the employer of any discrepancy or omission. F.2.4 Confidentiality and copyright of documentsTreat as confidential all matters arising in connection with the tender. Use and copy the documents issued by the employer only for the purpose of preparing and submitting a tender offer in response to the invitation. F.2.5 Reference documentsObtain, as necessary for submitting a tender offer, copies of the latest versions of standards, specifications, conditions of contract and other publications, which are not attached but which are incorporated into the tender documents by reference. F.2.6 Acknowledge addendaAcknowledge receipt of addenda to the tender documents, which the employer may issue, and if necessary apply for an extension to the closing time stated in the tender data, in order to take the addenda into account. F.2.7 Clarification meetingAttend, where required, a clarification meeting at which tenderers may familiarize themselves with aspects of the proposed work, services or supply and raise questions. Details of the meeting(s) are stated in the tender data. F.2.8 Seek clarificationRequest clarification of the tender documents, if necessary, by notifying the employer at least five working days before the closing time stated in the tender data. F.2.9 InsuranceBe aware that the extent of insurance to be provided by the employer (if any) might not be for the full cover required in terms of the conditions of contract identified in the contract data. The tenderer is advised to seek qualified advice regarding insurance. F.2.10 Pricing the tender offer F.2.10.1 Include in the rates, prices, and the tendered total of the prices (if any) all duties, taxes (except Value Added Tax (VAT), and other levies payable by the successful tenderer, such duties, taxes and levies being those applicable 14 days before the closing time stated in the tender data. F2.10.2 Show VAT payable by the employer separately as an addition to the tendered total of the prices.

  • Role means a person’s job as a caregiver or a person’s status as a nonclient resident at a child care program.

  • Operation and Maintenance or “O&M” shall mean all activities required to operate, maintain, and monitor the effectiveness of the RA as specified in the SOW or any EPA-approved O&M Plan.

  • Oversight means the term as it is defined in the Stewardship Agreement between CDOT and the FHWA.

  • parental responsibility , in relation to a child, means all the duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which, by law, parents have in relation to children.

  • Account Information Service Provider or “AISP” means a Third Party Provider that provides a service to allow you to see information in one place about payment accounts you hold with payment services providers, for example, your Account with us if it is an Online Payment Account.

  • Institutional Responsibilities means an Investigator’s professional responsibilities on behalf of the Institution, including activities such as research, teaching, clinical or other professional practice, academic activities, scholarly events, institutional committee memberships, and service on panels such as Institutional Review Boards or Data and Safety Monitoring Boards.

  • Official responsibility means administrative or operating authority, whether intermediate or final, to initiate, approve, disapprove or otherwise affect a procurement transaction, or any claim resulting therefrom.

  • Academic and professional matters means the following policy development and implementation matters:

  • Delegate List/Report means a list submitted by the Contractor indicating the names of designated Attendees who have made reservations under the Program’s room block.

  • Corporate Services Provider means Computershare Trust Company of Canada, a trust company formed under the laws of Canada, as corporate services provider to the Liquidation GP under the Corporate Services Agreement, together with any successor corporate services provider appointed from time to time;

  • Service Complaints For service problems you should contact your EDC by calling the number indicated in your Contract Summary which is incorporated into this Agreement. IN THE EVENT OF AN ENERGY-RELATED EMERGENCY, SUCH AS A POWER OUTAGE, PLEASE VACATE THE AREA BY A SAFE DISTANCE AND CALL YOUR EDC or 911. Authorization/Representation/Letter of Agency:By entering into this Agreement, you authorize XOOM to act on your behalf under your EDC’s tariffs in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Pennsylvania Utility Commission. You acknowledge that you are the EDC account holder, or a person legally authorized to execute this Agreement on behalf of the account holder for electric power services and that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age. You agree to authorize your EDC to release all information relating to your historical and current electricity usage, billing and payment history to XOOM or its authorized representatives. You further acknowledge that XOOM has full authority to make all rates and tariff selections necessary to meet its obligations under this Agreement. Neither your customer account number nor any other financial information will be released by XOOM, except as required by law, without your consent. Execution of this Agreement shall constitute authorization for the release of this information to XOOM.