Residential street definition

Residential street means a thoroughfare where the majority of properties abutting the thoroughfare are used for residential purposes;
Residential street means a public or private roadway that:

Examples of Residential street in a sentence

  • Residential street design should ensure the creation of a network of low volume, low speed roadways.

  • Residential street lights will be installed only after curb and gutter has been installed to better the placement of the street lights.

  • The existing amenity for Barrass Rd can be classified as a vegetated Rural Residential street directly adjoining the Torndirrup National Park to the east.

  • Title SurnameGiven name(s)Date of birth City or town of birth Country of birth/ /Residential street address (this cannot be a post office box)Unit no Street no Street nameSuburb State Postcode Tax File Number1 Or exemptionIs the individual a tax resident in a jurisdiction other than Australia?No Yes, please complete the Individual CRS Self-Certification Form available at OccupationPlease attach additional pages if there are more than 2 individual investors.

  • Residential street lighting facilities shall be provided at all street intersections unless the proposed maintaining authority waves this requirement.

More Definitions of Residential street

Residential street means a street designed to provide access to abutting property and lightly trafficked streets, and to discourage through traffic.
Residential street means a street that is exclusively serving residential properties and for which the posted speed limit is 25 mph (40 kph) or less.
Residential street means a street within the City of Charlottetown which is not located within the downtown core area;
Residential street means any area zoned residential under Title XII of this Code, or designated as a residential area in the Official Development Plan for any Planned Unit Development or a residential district as defined in section 10-1-12(A)(7) of this Code.
Residential street means a street used primarily for access to abutting property.
Residential street means a subdivision street adjacent to property that is anticipated to develop as
Residential street means a street with a posted speed limit of 25 mph or less.