Residential street definition

Residential street means a subdivision street adjacent to property that is anticipated to develop as single-family residences, apartment buildings, or other similar dwelling structures.
Residential street means a thoroughfare where the majority of properties abutting the thoroughfare are used for residential purposes;
Residential street means a public or private roadway that:

Examples of Residential street in a sentence

  • Residential street design should ensure the creation of a network of low volume, low speed roadways.

  • Residential street lights will be installed only after curb and gutter has been installed to better the placement of the street lights.

  • Residential street lighting requirements, if any, shall be determined in consultation with the local town.

  • Residential street right-of-way widths should reflect the minimum required to accommodate the travel-way, the sidewalk, and vegetated open channels.

  • The cost and availability of luminaires and poles are subject to change from year to year(b) Residential street lights.(1) Public streets.

More Definitions of Residential street

Residential street means a street designed to provide access to abutting property and lightly trafficked streets, and to discourage through traffic.
Residential street means a street within the City of Charlottetown which is not located within the downtown core area;
Residential street means a street that is exclusively serving residential properties and for which the posted speed limit is 25 mph (40 kph) or less.
Residential street means any area zoned residential under Title XII of this Code, or designated as a residential area in the Official Development Plan for any Planned Unit Development or a residential district as defined in section 10-1-12(A)(7) of this Code.
Residential street means a street used primarily for access to abutting property.
Residential street means a street with a posted speed limit of 25 mph or less.
Residential street means a subdivision street adjacent to property that is anticipated to develop as