Requestor definition

Requestor means any person, including a public body or an official thereof, making a request for access to a record of the Company and includes any person acting on behalf of that person.

Examples of Requestor in a sentence

  • The Requestor has certified that the amount paid by Medicare Part B for the Covered Items is sufficient to also cover the costs of the related services provided in connection with the Covered Items, as well as related overhead and profit.

  • Third, both parties have obvious motives for agreeing to trade below-cost payment rates for the Non-Covered Items and related services for referrals of other Federal health care program business: the SNF to minimize out-of-pocket payments for medical supplies and equipment, and the Requestor to secure business as an exclusive supplier of the Covered Items in a highly competitive market.

  • First, the SNF is in a position to direct business to the Requestor that is not paid by the SNF under Proposed Arrangement A, i.e., Covered Items.

  • Under normal circumstances, for Non-Covered Items, the Requestor charges a skilled nursing facility a markup, which covers the cost of providing the related services described above, as well as the Requestor’s overhead and profit.

  • When they are not (the “Non-Covered Items”), the Requestor bills the skilled nursing facility directly.

More Definitions of Requestor

Requestor means a person authorized by a member state who has initiated a request for prescription data;
Requestor has the meaning set forth in Section 6.3 of this Agreement.
Requestor means the person or entity that has made a Records Request to the City.
Requestor means a person who submits a request to a governmental body for inspection or copies of public information.
Requestor means the Holder or Holders requesting the registration in question. Actions taken by the Requestor shall be taken by those Holders making such request who hold a majority of the Registrable Securities held by such Holders.
Requestor has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 4.03.