Requesting Participant definition

Requesting Participant means a Participant initiating an RFQ.
Requesting Participant means the Participant seeking or receiving assistance under this Memorandum.
Requesting Participant means a participant that requests assistance from other participants.

Examples of Requesting Participant in a sentence

  • The SEF Platform will permit the Requesting Participant to execute against such firm Resting Quotes along with any responsive Order from a MAT Recipient Participant.

  • Together with the first response from any MAT Recipient Participant, the SEF Platform will display to a Requesting Participant any firm Resting Quotes for the Swap indicated in the RFQ that are posted on an Order Book together with any responses to the RFQ from the MAT Recipient Participants, and such Resting Quotes will remain displayed until all responses to the RFQ are received or the time for response has lapsed.

  • If no request for return of the materials is made, then the Requesting Participant may dispose of the materials using methods prescribed by the Requested Participant, or if no such methods have been prescribed, by other secure methods, as soon as practicable after the materials are no longer required.

  • Upon submission of an RFQ by a Requesting Participant, the SEF Trading System shall communicate to the Requesting Participant any bid or offer for the relevant Required Transaction which is resting on the order book of the DCM Trading System.

  • When the cost of providing or obtaining information under this Memorandum is substantial, the Requested Participant may ask the Requesting Participant to pay those costs as a condition of proceeding with the Request.

More Definitions of Requesting Participant

Requesting Participant means a participant that receives assistance or aid from a provider participant under the intrastate mutual aid compact created under this section.
Requesting Participant means a Participant initiating an RFQ. “Required Number” shall have the meaning set forth in Rule 522.A(b).
Requesting Participant means a Participant requesting certification that a Dispute under Exhibit C.3(h) is a Multi-Participant Dispute.
Requesting Participant means the Participant that submits a Message that initiates an exchange of Data.
Requesting Participant means a participant making a request for assistance cooperation or information under this Memorandum.
Requesting Participant means the Participant seeking assistance under this MoU, or which has received such assistance.
Requesting Participant means the Participant in this Implementing Arrangement that has initiated the primary Query; and