Requesting Holder definition

Requesting Holder shall have the meaning given in subsection 2.1.1.
Requesting Holder shall have the meaning given in subsection 2.1.3 of this Agreement.
Requesting Holder has the meaning set forth in Section 2.2(a).

Examples of Requesting Holder in a sentence

  • A Requesting Holder may withdraw all or any portion of its Registrable Securities from a Demand Registration by providing written notice to the Company at least five (5) Business Days prior to the earliest of (i) effectiveness of the applicable Registration Statement, (ii) the filing of any Registration Statement relating to such Demand Registration that includes a pricing range or (iii) the commencement of a roadshow relating to the Registration Statement for such Demand Registration.

  • Registrations under this Section 2.1 shall be on such appropriate registration form of the Commission that the Company is eligible to use (i) as reasonably requested by the Requesting Holder (which form may include a confidential submission if permitted under applicable rules of the Commission) and (ii) as shall permit the disposition of the Registrable Securities in accordance with the intended method or methods of disposition specified in the Demand Notice.

  • If, in connection with any registration under this Section 2.1 that is requested by the Requesting Holder to be on a Short-Form Registration Statement, the managing underwriter, if any, shall advise the Company that in its opinion, or if the Company independently determines in good faith, the use of another permitted form is of material importance to the success of the offering, then such registration shall be permitted to be on such other permitted form.

  • If a Requesting Holder intends to offer and sell the Registrable Securities covered by its request under this Article II by means of an Underwritten Offering, such Requesting Holder shall, in reasonable consultation with other participating Holders (if any), select the managing underwriter or underwriters to administer such offering, which managing underwriter or underwriters shall be firms of nationally recognized standing.

More Definitions of Requesting Holder

Requesting Holder is defined in Section 2.1.5(a).
Requesting Holder is defined in Section 2.2.
Requesting Holder means a Holder or Holders of in the aggregate at least a majority of the Registrable Stock.
Requesting Holder has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1(a).
Requesting Holder has the meaning given such term in Section 5.1(a).
Requesting Holder means any Equityholder requesting piggyback rights pursuant to Section 4.2 of this Agreement with respect to an Underwritten Shelf Takedown.
Requesting Holder has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.1 hereof.