Requesting Department definition

Requesting Department means the City Department responsible for overseeing the work or delivery of tangible personal property by a contractor.
Requesting Department or “RD” means the department within IsDB that requests for the Services.
Requesting Department means any fire department requesting assistance under this agreement.

Examples of Requesting Department in a sentence

  • The Requesting Department has certain powers and authorities within its own Area of Jurisdiction.

  • In order to ensure fairness to all taxpayers, it is intended that equipment, firefighters and supplies be provided to a Requesting Department on a cost recovery basis.

  • Both the Independent Contractor and Indemnification boxes must be check, if not requesting department shall submit a Professional Service contract (1) Requesting Department completes this form.

  • In order to provide an efficient response the intent of this agreement is that the members of the Providing Department will have the same powers and authorities as the Requesting Department in relation to controlling or acting at an Emergency.

More Definitions of Requesting Department

Requesting Department. County Project Director: County Manager/Supervisor:
Requesting Department means a Department which requests assistance pursuant to this Agreement.
Requesting Department means the requesting department within Scania.
Requesting Department means the Member municipal/volunteer fire department requesting support from other Member municipal/volunteer fire departments.
Requesting Department means the Company department requesting the services of the Contractor.
Requesting Department means the entity within APS which is the actual recipient of the services called for in this Professional Services Agreement, as identified on the “School/Department” line of the first page of this Agreement.
Requesting Department is the police department that requests the Responding Department to provide assistance with alternate or additional law enforcement response or services.