Company Department definition

Company Department means (i) with respect to a organization with revenues equal to or less than $25M per year as reflected in the previous years annual financial statements, the entire organization, and (ii) with respect to a organization with revenues greater than $25M per year as reflected in the previous years annual financial statements and is separated into distinct business units (either organizationally or by market, each separate business unit. In the event it is unclear whether or not part of an organization constitutes a separate Company Department for the purposes of this Agreement, please consult the Atalasoft Sales department for further guidance.
Company Department means the business unit in AVANGRID that coordinates and manages this Agreement.

Examples of Company Department in a sentence

  • The Company Department charged with managing the relationship with the Contractor hereunder (the “Company Liaison”) shall have the right to require more frequent Background Checks of Contractor Representatives or to require checks from other or additional sources than those listed above, and shall have the right to require that the Contractor furnish Background Check results to them.

  • Any notice required or permitted under this Agreement shall be in writing and hand delivered with receipt obtained therefore, or mailed, postage prepaid, to the other party by certified mail, return receipt requested to the following: FOR CONSULTANT: FOR CITY: (Company) (Department) (Contact Name) (Contact Name) (Address) (Address) Gender.

  • A reasonable request from an employee for time off will be granted by the Company without pay provided that the request is not made too frequently and that it does not increase costs or interfere with the normal operations of the Company Department.

  • If this Lease is cancelled by Tenant pursuant to the provisions of this Section 4.2, the cancellation shall be effective upon written notice to Landlord, and shall not subject Tenant to any claim by Landlord for Rent or for damages or liability arising from the termination, which are hereby expressly waived by Landlord.

  • Licensee: First, last name Company Department Street ZIP, City, State Country Tel / Fax E-Mail Date Signature Please make copies as required and send a copy to Linotype GmbH Sales Department Xx-Xxxx-Xxxxxx 0 61352 Bad Homburg Germany Fax +00 (0) 0000 000-000 or an authorized Linotype sales partner.

  • Each Company Department is required to purchase an SDK License for the Software that is in use in your Xxxxxxxxxxx.Xx least one Developer Build License is required per purchased SDK License.

  • Either Party can provide notice to the other Party using the following contact information: Name of Company Department or Person Company Postal Address Company E-mail Address Company Phone # Company Fax # Contractor Postal Address Contractor E-mail Address Contractor Phone # Contractor Fax # Dispute Resolution.

  • Employee Information Personnel Group / Employee No. / Last Name, First Name Address (Street / Street No. , Postal Code / City or Place) Telephone No. work (area code / number) mobile / / Cost center Employee Work Address Company Department Mailing Address With my signature I confirm that I have not participated in any preventive medical check-up within the last three years.

  • Recipient: Name, Company, Department Comments If the word Auto is present in one of the fields, the field is updated during transmission if the recipient is in the directory, favorites, a group or a distribution list.

  • UNION NEGOTIATING COMMITTEE During negotiations the parties agreed to the following definitions: Company (Department): Refers the Transportation Department of the Region, headed by a Commissioner and encompasses Company or the Companies Division: Refers to the parts of the Transportation Department, which are currently Operations, Admini- stration, Engineering/Maintenance, Marketing and Customer Services, and Canada Coach Lines limited.

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  • Health Department means the department of environmental quality, a city health department, a county health department, or a district health department, whichever has jurisdiction.

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  • IWAI/ Authority/ Department/ Owner means the Inland Waterways Authority of India, which invites tenders on behalf of the Chairman, IWAI and includes therein-legal representatives, successors and assigns.

  • Contracting Department any contracting authority as defined in Regulation 5(2) of the Public Contracts (Works, Services and Supply) (Amendment) Regulations 2000 other than the Department; "Contractor Personnel" all employees, agents, consultants and contractors of the Contractor and/or of any Sub-contractor; "Contractor Software" software which is proprietary to the Contractor, including software which is or will be used by the Contractor for the purposes of providing the Services; "Crown Body" any department, office or agency of the Crown;

  • Finance Department means the Finance Department of the Government of Assam;

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  • Investigating Department means any department / division / office of SCI investigating into the conduct of the Entity and shall include the Vigilance Department, “Central Bureau of Investigation, the State Police or any other authority or entity set up by the Central or State Government having powers to investigate”.

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  • U.S. Department of Energy means the Department of Energy established by Public Law 95-91, August 4, 1977, 91 Stat. 565, 42 U.S.C. 7101 et seq., to the extent that the department exercises functions formerly vested in the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, its chairman, members, officers and components and transferred to the U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration and to the administrator thereof pursuant to Sections 104(b), (c) and (d) of the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-438, October 11, 1974, 88 Stat. 1233 at 1237, effective January 19, 1975) and retransferred to the Secretary of Energy pursuant to Section 301(a) of the Department of Energy Organization Act (Public Law 95-91, August 4, 1977, 91 Stat. 565 at 577-578, 42 U.S.C. 7151,

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  • Corporation/ Corpn./ Department means the Central Warehousing Corporation.

  • Department Representative means the Manager, Engineering Operations, or designate, who shall represent the Landscape Operations Section for the purposes of this Agreement, or such other person who may be subsequently appointed in writing by the Department Representative and so notified to the Contractor;