Referred definition

Referred means remitted for consideration and report but without power to exercise any function on behalf of the remitting body, and the expressions "reference" and "stand referred" shall be construed accordingly.
Referred and “Referral” shall have related meanings. (Note: it is recognized that the referred visitor may thwart Site tracking by various options and actions advertently or inadvertently set in place by the referred visitor. Upon reasonable evidence that the visitor was referred by Affiliate, Affiliate will get full credit for said visitor.)
Referred or “referral” means any assessment which is being taken again by a student at the recommendation of the Assessment Board.

Examples of Referred in a sentence

  • PRIOR ACTION: 12-16-10 - Referred to the Standing Committees on Teaching, Learning and Student Supports and Accountability and Student Achievement.Miss Biancheria made the following motion:Request that the Administration provide at both Standing Committees hard copies of sample accountability plans when the item is discussed at the Standing Committee level.On a voice vote, the motion was approved.

  • The notice will include: • A statement of the date, time, location and nature of the Hearing; • A copy of the charges which specifies the allegations of misconduct in sufficient detail to enable the Referred and the Complainant to respond; • A list of the names of all Hearing Panel members, and the university address of the chairperson.

  • Upon the conclusion of the Information stage of the Hearing, the Hearing Panel will adjourn to review the Information to determine whether it is more likely than not (i.e., by the Preponderance of Information) that the Referred is responsible for having violated the Code and appropriate sanctions, if any.

  • PRIOR ACTION: 8-26-10 - Referred to the Administration.Mayor O’Brien made the following motion:Request that the Administration provide the breakdown in the South Quadrant by school.On a voice vote, the motion was approved.9-16-10 - Referred to the Standing Committee on Accountability and Student Achievement.

  • Both the Referred and Complainant may be assisted throughout the proceeding by an Advisor.

More Definitions of Referred

Referred means a Petition to Refer, signed by the requisite residents is filed and the voters of the City, at an election, vote to nullify the decision of the City to complete this Exchange Agreement. In the event of a successful referral, this Agreement will be null and void. This contingency will be waived at the later of the expiration date of any referendum period if there is no referendum, or the date following the election canvassing if there is a referendum election, and this Exchange Agreement is approved at a referendum election. However, a referendum decision by voters of the City which does not approve this Exchange Agreement will permit the City to terminate this Agreement at no cost or liability to the City. A referendum is not likely but all government real estate transactions are subject to the possibility of referendum. The City will be able to waive this contingency 20 days after publication of the Resolution approving this Agreement. If the foregoing contingencies are not satisfied or resolved or waived by the City, then this Agreement may be terminated at the option of the City and this Agreement shall be null and void.
Referred or “referral” means and refers to a Subject Assessment, whether in a Core Practice area, a Course Skill, Professional Conduct and Regulation, Solicitors Accounts, or a Vocational Elective which is being taken again by a student after the Assessment Board, as a result of previous defective performance. The term can be used irrespective of the number of assessments a student has to repeat, e.g. a student who has failed all six subject assessments is “referred” in all six.
Referred means an item on which a committee cannot take a decision without reference to the Executive Cabinet or the Council as appropriate.
Referred means a provision was amended by a measure referred by the General Assembly and voted on by the people of Colorado at a general or an odd-year election; except that, in the constitution, a referred measure is indicated by "L." and also means constitutional measures referred by the General Assembly and voted on by the people of Colorado at a general or an odd-year election.
Referred or “Referral” means in relation to the Intervention Group, referred to the Organisation in accordance with the process set out in Operations Manual. For the avoidance of doubt, an Eligible Person is referred to the Organisation when the Organisation is provided with a written referral (such referral to be in the form agreed by the parties).
Referred means remitted for consideration and report but without powers to exercise any functions on behalf of the remitting body.