Quotation definition

Quotation means the Bidder’s response made on the Quotation form set out on Part E of this RFQ with all appendices or addenda submitted by the Bidder in response to the RFQ;
Quotation means the offer letter and quotation provided separately to Customer.

Examples of Quotation in a sentence

  • Quotation of our additional +securities is in ASX’s absolute discretion.

  • The Bidder should submit undertaking to this effect in Appendix-3 of Form of Quotation.

  • Number and+class of all+securities quoted on ASX ( including the +securities in clause 38) Quotation agreement 1 +Quotation of our additional +securities is in ASX’s absolute discretion.

  • These shall be digitally signed and shall form a part of the e-Bid/ Quotation.

  • We confirm that we are eligible to participate in this Quotation exercise and meet the eligibility criteria specified in Section 1: Instructions to Bidders We undertake to abide by the Conduct of Bidders and Suppliers as provided under the Public Procurement Act during the procurement process and the execution of any resulting contract.

More Definitions of Quotation

Quotation means the response to a formal or informal request made by a purchasing agent to a vendor for provision or performance of goods or services, when the aggregate cost is less than the bid threshold. Quotations may be in writing, or taken verbally if a record is kept by the purchasing agent.
Quotation means all documents lodged by the Respondent in response to the RFQ.