Qualified facility definition

Qualified facility means a leased facility in a qualified city used for the research and development of a qualified technology.
Qualified facility means a facility in this state that devotes at least eighty per cent of the property and payroll at the facility to one or more of the following:

Examples of Qualified facility in a sentence

  • During any period when the Minimum Improvements are vacant and not operated for the aforementioned qualified uses, the Minimum Improvements will not constitute a Qualified Facility.

  • The improvements will be a Qualified Facility as long as the Minimum Improvements are operated by the Developer for the aforementioned qualified uses.

  • The language of the revisions exempts renewal applicants from complying with requirements of the existing SIP- approved permit if the source is authorized as a Qualified Facility.

  • The revisions submitted December 15, 1995, and July22, 1998, as redesignated in theSeptember 4, 2002, SIP submittal, were revised to add a provision that excludes changes otherwise authorized for a Qualified Facility.

More Definitions of Qualified facility

Qualified facility means a facility in this state that devotes
Qualified facility means a landfill facility area of 140 or more contiguous acres that is located in a city and that contains a landfill, a material recycling facility, and an asphalt plant that are no longer in operation.
Qualified facility means any industrial fa-
Qualified facility means any industrial facility— ‘‘(1) which is owned by the taxpayer,
Qualified facility means a mixed municipal solid waste disposal facility as described in the most recent agency permit, including adjacent property used for solid waste disposal that did not occur under a permit from the agency, that:
Qualified facility means a facility in this state that devotes at
Qualified facility means an electrical production facility that meets all of the following: