Qualified facility definition

Qualified facility means a permanent facility within this state equipped for the production of motion pictures, television shows, or digital media production that meets all of the following requirements:
Qualified facility means a leased facility in a qualified city used for the research and development of a qualified technology.
Qualified facility means a facility in this state that devotes

Examples of Qualified facility in a sentence

  • Qualified facility personnel shall be identified to conduct routine facility inspections of all areas of the facility where industrial materials or activities are exposed to stormwater, all stormwater control measures used to comply with this permit, and stormwater outfalls (if accessible) for the presence of floating materials, visible sheen, discoloration, turbidity, odor, etc.

  • Inspections - Qualified facility personnel (i.e., a person or persons with knowledge of this general permit, the concrete batch plant, and the SWP3 related to the concrete batch plant(s) for the site) must be identified to inspect designated equipment and areas of the facility specified in the SWP3.

  • Qualified facility personnel who are familiar with the industrial activity, the BMPs and the storm water pollution prevention plan shall conduct site compliance evaluations at appropriate intervals specified in the plan, but, in no case less than once a year.

  • His or her principal workplace is a qualified facility.(b) "Qualified employer" means the federal government.(c) "Qualified facility" and "qualified local unit of government" mean those terms as defined in the federal data facility act.

  • Qualified facility personnel shall be identified to inspect this equipment.

More Definitions of Qualified facility

Qualified facility means a facility in this state that devotes at least eighty per cent of the property and payroll at the facility to one or more of the following:
Qualified facility means any industrial fa-
Qualified facility means a landfill facility area of 140 or more contiguous acres that is located in a city and that contains a landfill, a material recycling facility, and an asphalt plant that are no longer in operation.
Qualified facility means a mixed municipal solid waste disposal facility as described in the most recent agency permit, including adjacent property used for solid waste disposal that did not occur under a permit from the agency, that:
Qualified facility means any industrial facility— ‘‘(1) which is owned by the taxpayer,
Qualified facility means an electrical production facility that meets all of the following:
Qualified facility means the approved practice site is a public or private non- profit entity located within a Health Professional Shortage Area (HSPA).