Industrial facility definition

Industrial facility means any nongovernmental or non- residential facility that is used for activities such as agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, manufacturing, transportation, commu- nications or providing services including electric, gas and sanitary services.
Industrial facility means any structure(s) used or intended for use as a business enterprise for manufacturing, processing, or assembling any product, commodity or article.
Industrial facility means any real or personal property, the demolition, removal,

Examples of Industrial facility in a sentence

  • Industrial property investment deals include: Address Property Purchaser Aircargo Centre, Glasgow Airport Industrial facility extending to 1,892 sq.m. let to Halliburton with c.4.5 years unexpired Multi-let industrial estate extending to 10,680 sq.m. Single let data centre investment leased to Onyx Group Ltd expiring August 2025 and extending to c.

  • This will leave a small office, WC and an open Industrial facility.

  • Industrial facility letdown stations are meant to reduce high-pressure NG to a medium-low pressure level.

More Definitions of Industrial facility

Industrial facility means a facility to which access is primarily limited to employees or contractors working in that facility.
Industrial facility means any land, and any building or other improvement thereon, which shall be maintained and utilized for the mechanical or chemical transformation of organic or inorganic substances into new products, characteristically using power-driven machines and materials handling equipment. The term “industrial facility” shall not include non-manufacturing business establishments, including hotels, restaurants, wholesale businesses, retail stores, warehouses, storage facilities, and health, social and educational institutions. Furthermore, the term “industrial facility” shall not include any land, and any building or other improvement thereon, that is primarily utilized for federal, state or local government activities.
Industrial facility means any factory, mill, plant,
Industrial facility means any facility (as defined above) other than sewage treatment works.
Industrial facility or "facility" means any industrial facility with an estimated construction cost of at least ninety-six million nine hundred thousand dollars ($96,900,000.00) as of May 30, 1987. Exempt activities shall not be included in the estimated construction cost of an industrial facility. The council shall adjust this amount, up or down, each year using recognized construction cost indices as the council determines to be relevant to the actual change in construction cost applicable to the general type of construction covered under this chapter. "Facility" also includes, regardless of construction cost:
Industrial facility means any land, any building or other improvement, and all real
Industrial facility means any facility, whether public or private, and its related premises, property or equipment involving: