Replacement Facility definition

Replacement Facility means 1 of the following:
Replacement Facility as defined in Section 2.24(a).
Replacement Facility as defined in Section 11.1.

Examples of Replacement Facility in a sentence

  • Liens permitted under the Bank Credit Agreement or any Replacement Facility.

  • Licensee shall design, construct, and install the Equipment and any Replacement Facility in compliance with the design standards set forth pursuant to Sections 601-11 and 601-12 of the City of Camden Municipal Code, or any applicable successor provision(s), and the City permit and conditions of approval.

  • Where needed, Licensee shall cooperate with Licensor to transfer ownership and any associated warranties of any Replacement Facility from Licensee to Licensor without charge to Licensor.

More Definitions of Replacement Facility

Replacement Facility has the meaning set forth in Section 10.02.
Replacement Facility has the meaning set forth in Section 2.18(a).
Replacement Facility shall have the meaning provided in Section 13.1.
Replacement Facility means a facility, which is constructed or provided under the terms of this Agreement as a consequence of the Rearrangement of a Conflicting Facility or portion thereof.
Replacement Facility means commercial property to be acquired, constructed, altered, or installed for the purpose of being substituted for obsolete commercial property. Property impaired due to changes in design, construction, technology, or improved production processes, or damage due to fire, natural disaster, or general neglect shall be considered obsolete. All other new commercial property is considered a ‘new facility’.
Replacement Facility means a facility with materially different performance capabilities from the Energy Complex that can be built to provide services to some or all of the Mills following the occurrence of an Event of Loss or an Event of Eminent Domain.
Replacement Facility means a credit facility: