Push definition

Push as to a Message, shall mean clinical information transmitted directly to a Participant User identified in the Message as a recipient. Push shall apply to all Messages transmitted through the HIE other than Publish-Subscribe or Query-Retrieve, including but not limited to Messages routinely transmitted to ordering or referring physicians, such as reports of imaging, or clinical laboratory results.
Push means a bet that is neither winning nor losing. The amount wagered is held over for the next round.
Push means Prudential (US Holdco 1) Limited, the record holder of 800 shares of JFI’s Class A common stock as of the date of this Information Statement and before giving effect to the stock split to be effected prior to the Demerger. All of the shares of Class A common stock currently held by PUSH will be distributed to PCAL and then to Prudential in order to ensure that, immediately prior to completion of the Demerger, JFI is a direct majority-owned subsidiary of Prudential. As of the date of this information statement, PUSH is the direct parent of JFI and is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Prudential.

Examples of Push in a sentence

  • Viasat may deliver Push Notifications to you whether or not you are currently logged-into or using the Application and whether or not your device is in locked or in sleep mode.

More Definitions of Push

Push means a Result where a Player neither wins nor loses a Wager. In a ‘Moneyline’ Market, a Push occurs when the Result is a tie and no tie option was offered. In a two-way Point Spread Market, it is when the favourite (identified with a “-”) wins by
Push means the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire
Push means Prudential (US Holdco 1) Limited;
Push means a wager shall neither win nor lose;
Push means the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
Push means the receipt of Market Data with automatic update, without a manual action by the Final User being necessary for such update.
Push means, with regard to the Camden HIE and/or an applicable technological application, that Data residing within a Participant is either automatically “sent to” the Camden HIE centralized repository, or a Participant elects to send Data to the Camden HIE.