Wheel definition

Wheel means a complete wheel consisting of a rim and a wheel disc;
Wheel means a wheel the tyre or rim of which when the vehicle is in motion on a road is in contact with the ground; 2 wheels are to be regarded as one wheel in the circumstances specified in paragraph (8);
Wheel means a rotating load-carrying member between the tyre and the axle. It usually consists of two major parts:

Examples of Wheel in a sentence

  • The serial number on the Gin Wheel must be the same as the certificate.

  • Similarly, putlog scaffolds will have a similar configuration (but with the addition of a short brace adjacent to the Gin Wheel).

  • The NASC recommends that where the Gin Wheel & Rope must be left in position overnight, the rope must be curled up and tied off at high level to reduce the risk of abuse and damage.

  • The Gin Wheel & Rope must be made safe at breaks and at the end of the shift (which may require the removal of the equipment to a safe place, if it is likely that others might abuse the equipment).

  • On typical independent access scaffolds, for example, the Gin Wheel & Rope tube should be fixed to the inner and outer uprights with double couplers.

More Definitions of Wheel

Wheel means a pyrotechnic device attached to a post or tree by means of a nail or string. Each wheel may contain not more than six driver units or tubes not exceeding one-half inch (12.5 mm) inside diameter and containing not more than 60 grams of pyrotechnic composition. Upon ignition, the wheel revolves and produces a shower of colored sparks, and sometimes a whistling effect. [1983 c.788 §3; 1991 c.703 §14]
Wheel means a pyrotechnic device that:
Wheel means a pyrotechnic device that is made to attach to a post or other surface and that revolves, producing a shower of color and sparks and sometimes a whistling effect, and that may have one or more drivers, each of which contains no more than sixty grams of pyrotechnic composition and the total wheel contains no more than two hundred grams total pyrotechnic composition;
Wheel. , in relation to a vehicle, means a wheel the tyre or rim of which, when the vehicle is in motion, is in contact with the ground;
Wheel means a wheel the tyre of which is in contact with the ground.
Wheel means an assemblage of tire, tube, and multi-piece rim components.
Wheel means to move energy from one jurisdiction, through Ontario, to a different jurisdiction.