Public Sector Entity definition

Public Sector Entity means a non-commercial administrative body responsible to central governments, regional governments or local authorities, or to authorities that exercise the same responsibilities as regional governments and local authorities, or a non-commercial undertaking that is owned by or set up and sponsored by central governments, regional governments or local authorities, and that has explicit guarantee arrangements, and may include self-administered bodies governed by law that are under public supervision;
Public Sector Entity or “PSE” means –
Public Sector Entity. (a) The GOP, the Provincial Government, any subdivision of either, or any local governmental authority with jurisdiction over the Company, the Project, or any part thereof, or (b) any department, authority, instrumentality, agency, or judicial body of the GOP, the Provincial Government or any such local governmental authority, (c) courts and tribunals in Pakistan, and (d) any commission or independent regulatory agency or body having jurisdiction over the Company, the Project or any part thereof.

Examples of Public Sector Entity in a sentence

  • Provided that a registered NGO, or a Professional Body are as defined in this Section, then they are also considered as forming part of this definition.Public Entity means any Maltese Public Service Department or Maltese Public Sector Entity, or any Maltese Legal Entity which has more than 50% government shareholding.

More Definitions of Public Sector Entity

Public Sector Entity means an entity that is classified by a national statistical authority as a unit within the public sector for the purposes of Regulation (EU) No 549/2013;
Public Sector Entity means this state, a city, village, town or county or a quasi−governmental entity.
Public Sector Entity or “Entities” means an eligible broader public sector organization listed at the Purchasing Serviceswebsite that is eligible to issue a Draw Down against a CSA;
Public Sector Entity means a government organization, local public body or participating jurisdiction, each as defined in the Procurement Services Act and includes a person, other than the government, a government organization, a local public body or a participating jurisdiction, provided the requirements set out in section 2(2) of the Procurement Services Act have been met, that has entered into an Access Agreement with the Province and appears on the Province’s list of eligible Purchasers;
Public Sector Entity means a Person that is either a School, College, University, Hospital, Long-Term Care Home, Public Transit Service Entity or Metrolinx.