Profit Guarantee definition

Profit Guarantee. Refers to the profit guarantee made by the seller to the buyer according to Article 6 of this agreement on the audited consolidated after-tax net profit of the target group;
Profit Guarantee means the guarantee made by the Transferors and Xx. Xxxx to Transferee that the Company will deliver a profit after tax (audited) according to Clause 5.2.2 hereof.
Profit Guarantee means the several guarantees given by Vendors

Examples of Profit Guarantee in a sentence

  • Variance from Profit Forecast and Profit Guarantee This is not applicable to the Group.

  • Variance of Actual Profit from Profit Forecast or Profit Guarantee Not applicable as there was no profit forecast or profit guarantee issued.

  • While the Board has taken reasonable steps to assess the achievability of the Profit Guarantee, there can be no assurance that the Profit Guarantee will be met.

  • The balance of the shortfall in the Profit Guarantee after deducting the proceeds received from the disposal of the Security Shares is approximately RM18.83 million (“Shortfall”).

  • Profit Forecast or Profit Guarantee Not applicable as there was no profit forecast or profit guarantee issued by the Group.

  • Profit Forecast or Profit Guarantee The Group has not provided any quarterly profit forecast for the period under review.

  • Profit Forecast or Profit Guarantee The Group did not issue any profit forecast or profit guarantee during the current financial quarter under review.

  • Profit Guarantee During the financial year, there were no profit guarantees given by the Company.

  • In the event that the Profit is less than the Profit Guarantee, the Series B Convertible Bonds shall be released to the Vendors or their nominees in the principal amount as adjusted in accordance with the formula set out in the paragraph headed ‘‘Profit Guarantee and Adjustment to the Consideration’’ below.

  • If the Profit Guarantee could not be met in any two consecutive years during the Relevant Period, the purchasers must, within 30 days after the issue of the audited financial statement, transfer the respective equity interest (save and except the respective equity interest transferred from Champion to Mr. Qian Wu, Mr. Li Qing Long and Ms. Yang Yifan under the Equity Transfer Agreement) to the vendors at the consideration pursuant to the Equity Transfer Agreement.

More Definitions of Profit Guarantee

Profit Guarantee the guarantee given by the Vendor to the Company that the 2017 EBITDA shall be not less than RMB30,000,000 ‘‘RMB’’ Renminbi, the lawful currency in the PRCSale Loanthe debt, loan or liability due from the Target Company to the Vendor (if any) as at the Completion Date ‘‘Sale Shares’’ 100 shares of US$1.00 each in the share capital of the Target Company, representing the entire issued share capital of the Target Company as at the date of the S&P Agreement ‘‘SGM’’ the special general meeting of the Company to be convened and held to consider and approve, among other things, the Acquisition and the transactions contemplated under the S&P Agreement ‘‘Share(s)’’ ordinary share(s) of HK$0.07 each in the share capital of the Company ‘‘Shareholder(s)’’ holder(s) of Share(s) ‘‘Stock Exchange’’ The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited “Subscription Shares” up to 1,135,000,000 new Shares (subject to adjustment) to be allotted and issued by the Company upon the exercise by Ping Da Development of the subscription rights attached to the Warrants ‘‘S&P Agreement’’ the sale and purchase agreement in relation to the Acquisition dated 5 September 2014 (after trading hours) entered into between the Vendor and the Company ‘‘Target Company’’ True Vanguard Holdings Limited ( 忠 鋒 控 股 有 限 公 司 ), a company incorporated in the BVI with limited liability, which is wholly owned by the Vendor as at the date of the S&P Agreement ‘‘Target Group’’ comprising the Target Company, Beijing Xxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxx Xxxx Xx and Xxxxxxx Xxx Xx Xx as at the date of the S&P Agreement ‘‘Tianjin Hong Fu’’ Tianjin Hong Fu Pharmaceutical Limited* ( 天 津 洪 福 藥 業 有 限 公 司 ), a domestic enterprise established in the PRC, which is wholly owned by Beijing Xxxxx Xxxx ‘‘Xxxxxxx Xxx Xx Xx’’ Xxxxxxx Xxx Xx De Biotechnology Limited* ( 天 津 市 雲 澤 德 生物科技有限公司), a domestic enterprise established in the PRC, which is wholly owned by Beijing Xxxxx Xxxx ‘‘US$’’ United States dollars, the lawful currency in the United States of America “Vendor” Dr. Xx Xxxxxxx, the chairman of the Board, an executive Director and a Shareholder “Warrant(s)” the 1,135,000,000 unlisted warrant(s) issued by the Company to Ping Da Development on 31 July 2013 ‘‘%’’ per cent. * If there is any inconsistency between the Chinese names of PRC entities, departments, facilities or titles mentioned in this announcement and their English translations, the Chinese version shall prevail. By order of the Board Chinese People Holdings Company Limited Jin Son...
Profit Guarantee has the meaning given to it in Clause 9.2;

Related to Profit Guarantee

  • Parent Guarantee means a guarantee given by a Related Body Corporate of the Access Holder who has an Acceptable Credit Rating in substantially the same form set out in the Access Undertaking; Passenger Priority means reasonable priority and certainty of access for rail passenger services delivered in accordance with clause 3.8;

  • Performance Guarantee means the security to be provided by the Contractor in accordance with Sub Clause 10.1 for the due performance of the Contract.

  • Ceding Commission means [REDACTED]. ]

  • Board of Education means a board defined in s.s. 1(1) of the Education Act;

  • Relevant Governmental Body means the Federal Reserve Board and/or the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, or a committee officially endorsed or convened by the Federal Reserve Board and/or the Federal Reserve Bank of New York or any successor thereto.

  • Reinsurance Agreement means any agreement, contract, treaty, certificate or other arrangement whereby any Regulated Insurance Company agrees to transfer, cede or retrocede to another insurer or reinsurer all or part of the liability assumed or assets held by such Regulated Insurance Company under a policy or policies of insurance issued by such Regulated Insurance Company or under a reinsurance agreement assumed by such Regulated Insurance Company.

  • financial recovery plan means a plan prepared in terms of section 141 of the MFMA

  • Subsidiary Guarantee means the Guarantee by each Guarantor of the Company's payment obligations under this Indenture and on the Notes, executed pursuant to the provisions of this Indenture.

  • Reinsurance Agreements means any agreement, contract, treaty, certificate or other arrangement by which any Insurance Subsidiary agrees to transfer or cede to another insurer all or part of the liability assumed or assets held by it under one or more insurance, annuity, reinsurance or retrocession policies, agreements, contracts, treaties, certificates or similar arrangements. Reinsurance Agreements shall include, but not be limited to, any agreement, contract, treaty, certificate or other arrangement that is treated as such by the applicable Department.

  • Service Guarantee means any payment or other benefit that one party provides to the other party when it fails to meet a Service Standard for which a guarantee payment is provided should that Service Standard not be met;

  • Insurance Subsidiaries means (a) Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Insurance Services, Inc., (b) Beneva Indemnity Company and (c) any other corporation, limited partnership, limited liability company or business trust that is (i) organized after the Effective Date or designated by Holdings as an Insurance Subsidiary on or after the Effective Date, (ii) a Subsidiary of Holdings and (iii) engaged in the business of providing title insurance, captive insurance (whether for Holdings and its Subsidiaries or otherwise) or insurance agency or other ancillary or complementary services that in each case is subject to state regulation and/or licensing requirements.

  • Nonprofit entity means any entity that meets the requirements of California Corporations Code Section 5003 as well as any corporation, unincorporated association or other entity created for charitable, religious, philanthropic, educational, political, social or similar purposes, the net proceeds of which are committed to the promotion of the objectives or purposes of the entity and not to private gain. A public agency is not a Nonprofit Entity within the meaning of this section.

  • Bid guarantee means the bid bond, cashier's check or certified check submitted as part of the bid proposal, payable to the contracting unit, ensuring that the successful bidder will enter into a contract.

  • State Board of Education means and refers to the Board that exercises general control and supervision over the public schools of the State of Alabama as constituted and authorized by ALA. CODE § 16-3-1, et seq. (1975).

  • Local governmental entity means a county, municipality, school district, junior college district, or other political subdivision of this state or a local government corporation, board, commission, district, or authority to which a member is appointed by the commissioners court of a county, the mayor of a municipality, or the governing body of a municipality. The term does not include an association, corporation, or organization of governmental entities organized to provide to its members education, assistance, products, or services or to represent its members before the legislative, administrative, or judicial branches of the state or federal government.

  • Local government entity means a county, incorporated city, independent school district, public junior college district, emergency services district, other special district, joint board, or other entity defined as a political subdivision under Texas law that maintains the capability to provide mutual aid.

  • Subsidiary Guarantee Agreement means the Subsidiary Guarantee Agreement, substantially in the form of Exhibit D, made by the Subsidiary Loan Parties in favor of the Administrative Agent for the benefit of the Lenders.

  • Financial guarantee means a performance bond, maintenance bond, surety bond, irrevocable letter of credit, or similar guarantees submitted to the [administering authority] by the responsible party to assure that requirements of the ordinance are carried out in compliance with the storm water management plan.

  • Joint Commission means the accrediting body whose standards are referred to in these Bylaws.

  • EMA means the European Medicines Agency or any successor agency thereto.

  • Local Mental Health Authority means a county legislative body.

  • Insurance Subsidiary means any Subsidiary which is subject to the regulation of, and is required to file statements with, any governmental body, agency or official in any State or territory of the United States or the District of Columbia which regulates insurance companies or the doing of an insurance business therein.

  • Guarantee Agreements means the Parent Guarantee Agreement and the Subsidiary Guarantee Agreement.

  • Diocesan Board of Education means that body constituted under the Diocesan Boards of Education Measure 1991 for the Diocese and any successor body;

  • Applicable Insurance Regulatory Authority means, when used with respect to any Regulated Insurance Company, the insurance department or similar administrative authority or agency located in (x) each state in which such Regulated Insurance Company is domiciled or (y) to the extent asserting regulatory jurisdiction over such Regulated Insurance Company, the insurance department, authority or agency in each state in which such Regulated Insurance Company is licensed, and shall include any Federal insurance regulatory department, authority or agency that may be created and that asserts regulatory jurisdiction over such Regulated Insurance Company.

  • Ceding Company has the meaning set forth in the preamble.