Prepaid Customer definition

Prepaid Customer means a Customer using the account payment option described in clause 6.3(c) of the Terms and Conditions (also referred to as “Top up” account on the Imail Website);‌
Prepaid Customer means a CMRS subscriber who pays in full prospectively for the service and has 1 of the following:
Prepaid Customer means a CMRS subscriber who pays in full prospectively for the service and has a Michigan telephone number or a Michigan identification number for service, or a service for exclusive use in an automotive vehicle and whose place of primary use is within Michigan.)

Examples of Prepaid Customer in a sentence

  • Prepaid Customer Service Experience (CSE) Prepaid CSE NATIONAL SUPPORT Inbound calls from prepaid subscribers.

  • EXTEL will provide Customer with a series of Customer Card numbers which identifies the Prepaid Customer Cards as prepaid calling cards.

  • Accounts Payable, Prepaid Membership Dues and Prepaid Customer Accounts shall be valued at face value.

  • Prepaid Customer Allowances Incentives associated with acquiring sales agreements with certain customers and based upon the customer's completion of a specified cumulative level of sales transactions are amortized over a term relevant to the agreements.

  • As the Prepaid Customer Cards are used, EXTEL will, as part of its billing function, decrement such cards in amounts equal to the rates the Customer's Cardholders are to be charged for the Service, as indicate in the Rate Schedule(s) agreed to in Exhibit C.

  • When a Prepaid Customer Card has been decremented to zero, it will be deactivated.

  • In addition, a Prepaid Customer Card shall be deactivated four (4) months after the date of its activation.

  • When EXTEL activates Prepaid Customer Cards, which will be activated, at Customer's request, in series of not less than 50 cards, each Prepaid Customer Card series will have a predetermined number of units of calling time.

  • Subject to and upon the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, on the Closing Date and simultaneously with the transfer, conveyance and assignment to Purchaser of the Purchased Assets, Purchaser shall assume the Accounts Payable, the obligations of Seller accruing after the Closing with respect to the Prepaid Membership Dues and Prepaid Customer Accounts, and the obligations of performance accruing after the Closing under the Assumed Agreements.

  • Based on the Closing Report, a Purchase Price adjustment shall be calculated by taking (a) the sum of the values of Cash, Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Prepaid Expenses, and subtracting (b) the sum of the values of Accounts Payable, Prepaid Membership Dues and Prepaid Customer Accounts, such values to be determined in accordance with Section 3.3 hereof (the "Purchase Price Adjustment").

More Definitions of Prepaid Customer

Prepaid Customer means a Wireless Customer in active service that prepays in advance for wireless services.
Prepaid Customer means an activated mobile customer that accumulates at least five Dollars ($5) recharge, or equivalent in local currency, and has less than ninety (90) days from the last billable event of incoming or outgoing traffic, regardless of their origin (kits or sim).
Prepaid Customer means any entity to which Seller provides prepaid Bank Cards for resale or distribution as part of the business pursuant to a Prepaid Contract or a purchase order.

Related to Prepaid Customer

  • End Customer means any party that is licensed to receive the Data either directly or via a Redistributor or group of Redistributors.

  • DMA Customer means a Customer of a Sponsoring Broker where representatives of the Customer that are natural persons are designated by the Sponsoring Broker to have Trading Access to the SEF Platform using the Participant ID of the Sponsoring Broker and where such Customer signs the DMA Customer Documentation.

  • household customer means a customer purchasing electricity for his own household consumption, excluding commercial or professional activities;

  • Prepaid Card means the MasterCard Prepaid Card that you have purchased from us;

  • TCP Customers We will not impose Credit Management Charges unless the Charges are a reimbursement of our costs and you are advised of their amount or method of calculation.

  • New Customer has the meaning set forth in Section 17.3(b).

  • Indigent Customer means the head of an indigent household:-

  • Retail customer means any person that purchases retail electric energy for its own consumption at

  • Prepaid calling service means a telecommunications service:

  • End-Use Customer means a person or entity in Delaware that purchases electrical energy at retail prices from a Retail Electricity Supplier.

  • Relevant Customer means a person, firm or company who during the period of twelve months immediately preceding the Termination Date conducted a business relationship (including, without limitation, the provision of services and the negotiation for the same) with the Company or any Group Company and with whom the Executive had significant contact as an employee of the Company;

  • Company Customer means a person or entity for whom the Company or any of its Subsidiaries was providing services either at the time of, or at any time within the twelve (12) months preceding the Termination Date, and for whom the Participant had direct contact with and/or carried out or oversaw a material business responsibility during said twelve (12) month period or about whom the Participant had exposure to or received Confidential Information as a result of the Participant’s employment with the Company or any of its Subsidiaries.

  • Top Customers has the meaning specified in Section 4.28(a).

  • End User Customer means a third party retail Customer that subscribes to a Telecommunications Service provided by either of the Parties or by another Carrier or by two (2) or more Carriers.

  • Native Load Customers means the wholesale and retail power customers of a Transmission Owner on whose behalf the Transmission Owner, by statute, franchise, regulatory requirement, or contract, has undertaken an obligation to construct and operate the Transmission Owner’s system to meet the reliable electric needs of such customers.

  • Major Customer has the meaning set forth in Section 3.22.

  • Existing Customer means an individual who has purchased goods or services from a person, who is the recipient of a voice communication from that person, and who either paid for the goods or services within the 12 months preceding the voice communication or has not paid for the goods and services at the time of the voice communication because of a prior agreement between the person and the individual.

  • Network Customer means an entity receiving transmission service pursuant to the terms of the Transmission Provider’s Network Integration Transmission Service under Tariff, Part III. Network External Designated Transmission Service:

  • Business Customer means a customer who is not a residential customer.

  • Major Customers has the meaning set forth in Section 5.27.

  • Net metering customer means a customer of the electric distribution company

  • Restricted Customer means any customer to whom or to which goods or services were provided by the Company during the two-year period prior to the date of Employee’s employment, and any potential customer of the Company that the Company solicited during the one-year period prior to the date of termination of Employee’s employment with the Company.

  • wholesale customer means a natural or legal person purchasing electricity for the purpose of resale inside or outside the system where he is established;

  • Host Customer means the customer account directly connected to a Customer-Generator Facility or Community Energy Facility, or, for a stand-alone Community Energy Facility, the customer account as designated by the Subscribers who share the energy production of the Community Energy Facility.

  • END USER CUSTOMER LOCATION means the physical location of the premises where an End User makes use of the telecommunications services.

  • Prepaid contract means any Contract that has terminated or been prepaid in full prior to its scheduled expiration date (including because of a Casualty Loss), other than a Defaulted Contract.