Definition of PRB

PRB means the Powder River Basin.
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PRB means Problem Review Board.
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PRB means percentage of Target Value and "SP" means the per Share consideration payable to the shareholders generally upon the closing of the Merger (which is equal to the Offer Price). If the Conditions are satisfied, based on an Offer Price of $6.45, Ms. McKinney would receive a bonus of $149,800 and Ms. Blake would receive a bonus of $74,900.
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Examples of PRB in a sentence

ADA's M-ProveTM technology, which reduces emissions of mercury and other metals from PRB coal, is applied directly to coal at power plants, or offered through a licensing agreement with Arch Coal for application at their mines.
PRB costs assigned to the current year, but not funded, paid or otherwise liquidated by the tax return due date as extended are not allowable in any subsequent year.
PRB costs are not accrued during the working lives of the employees.
Price-Related Bias (PRB): It is used to measure assessment equity (regressivity/progressivity).
For example, a PRB of .05 indicates that, on average, assessment ratios increase by 5% whenever values double.

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PRB means the NSW Psychologists Registration Board
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