Definition of PRB

  1. PRB means the Powder River Basin.

Examples of PRB in a sentence

  1. PRB shall acquire and operate two (2) additional Papa John's franchise locations by February 28, 2015 and shall deliver any and all documentation related to such acquisitions and the operation thereof and any and all additional documentation requested by Buyer in order to perfect Buyer's security interest in any such additional assets as requested by the Buyer in its sole and absolute discretion.
  2. PRB and POS at Gail M2 on the Companys leasehold within the Sockeye oil field offshore Ventura County, California from Platform Gail in the M2 horizon of the Monterey reservoir;
  3. Toussaint, Nemer & Coaty, P.C] 3081 Bergen Peak Drive, Suite 210 Evergreen, Colorado 80439 Facsimile: (303) 674-8492 If to the Buyer, to: PRB Transportation, Inc. 600 Seventeenth Street, Suite 2800 South Denver, Colorado 80239 Attention: President Facsimile: (775) 255-2938 Copies (not Aaron A. Grunfeld, Esq.

Definition of PRB in Settlement Agreement

PRB means the Powder River Basin.