Definition of PRAC

PRAC means the Project Rental Assistance Contract by and between HUD and Borrower in connection with the Project

Examples of PRAC in a sentence

The total amount of assistance equals total HUD-approved operating expenses for the project minus the tenant payments received for all units (PRAC paragraph 2.4(f)(1)).
Vacancy payments under the PRAC will not be made unless the conditions for receipt of these project rental assistance payments set forth in this section are fulfilled.
Project rental assistance is provided under a Project Rental Assistance Contract (PRAC) and is calculated based on operating cost standards established by HUD (24 CFR section 891.150).
The owner receives assistance from HUD on vacant rental assistance units at a rate of 50 percent of Operating Expense for a unit under PRAC (PRAC paragraph 2.4b) for the first 60 days of vacancy, given certain conditions are met (24 CFR section 891.445).
The Owner must sub- mit to HUD: (1) Within 60 days after the end of each fiscal year of project operations, financial statements for the project au- dited by an independent public ac- countant and in the form required by HUD; and (2) Other statements regarding project operation, financial conditions and occupancy as HUD may require to administer the PRAC and to monitor project operations.