PD definition

PD means, in respect to a Reference Obligation, the lower of the "probability of default" (within the meaning given to such term in Section 4.1(55) of the CRR) of the relevant Reference Entity and the probability of default of any protection provider in respect of such Reference Obligation. The portfolio guidelines we will verify are the following:
PD means palladium.
PD or “Processing & Disposal” refers to Processing & Disposal of Solid Waste collected from the Project Area, as is more clearly defined in Schedule 1;

Examples of PD in a sentence

  • A significant change in lifetime PD is indicative of a significant increase in credit risk.

  • Theveneaux-Pelzer19, D.W. Thomas94, J.P. Thomas21, E.A. Thompson46, P.D. Thompson21, E.

  • Plan Requirements: The applicant shall submit test to EHS and P&D for review and approval.Timing: Test shall be completed and submitted and approved prior to well permit issuance.

  • This criterion is used when the Bank has an internal credit rating system.• Relative change in lifetime PD.

  • The method is similar to that for Stage 2 assets, with the PD set at 100%.

More Definitions of PD

PD means pharmacodynamic;
PD has the meaning ascribed to it in the recitals.
PD means probability of default;
PD means Phelps Dodge Corporation, a New York corporation.