PD definition

PD means, in respect to a Reference Obligation or a Reference Entity, the lower of the "probability of default" (within the meaning given to such term in Section 4.1(54) of the CRR) of the relevant Reference Entity and, in respect of the PD of a Reference Obligation, the probability of default of any protection provider in respect of such Reference Obligation.Part B – Portfolio Guidelines The Portfolio Guidelines are satisfied if each of the following criteria is fulfilled:
PD means palladium.
PD or “Processing & Disposal” refers to Processing & Disposal of Solid Waste collected from the Project Area, as is more clearly defined in Schedule 1;

Examples of PD in a sentence

  • The following Automobile Liability will be required and coverage shall apply to all owned, hired, and non-owned vehicles used with minimum limits of: $100,000 bodily injury per person (B.I.) $300,000 bodily injury per occurrence (B.I.) $100,000 property damage (PD) or $300,000 combined single limit (C.S.L.) of B.I. and P.D.

  • Please keep in mind however that a PD is not a detailed record of every task and duty that may be required in the position.

  • Xxxxx Xxxxx/Purchasing Manager Office of Purchasing March 3, 2022 To: All Known Prospective Proposers ADDENDUM NUMBER 2: Re: PD 21-22.0037, Debris Hauling Escambia County All: Your firm recently received a Request for Proposals for the above-mentioned specification.

  • Xx. Xxxxx (Konsiliar-/ Liaisonpsychosomatik/Psychoonk.Ambulanz) Frau PD Xx. Xxxxxxxxxx (Ambulanzleiterin) Frau Dipl.-Psych.

  • How to apply THE POSITION DESCRIPTION (PD) Please read the PD - this is an outline of the nature and expected outcomes of the job.

More Definitions of PD

PD means pharmacodynamic;
PD means probability of default;
PD means the probability of default of a counterparty over one year.
PD has the meaning ascribed to it in the recitals.
PD has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.