Definition of Potential Projects

Potential Projects means potential projects listed in Annex D hereto, which are on the date of the APA, in the stage of working leads and not assigned to Buyer. For the avoidance of doubt, any project not designated as an Existing Project on the date of the APA, shall be deemed as a Potential Project, even if on the date of this Agreement, the parties to such project have reached an agreement regarding the terms thereof, and such project shall be added to Annex D (and the respective contracts covering such project shall not be part of the Existing Contracts).
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Examples of Potential Projects in a sentence

Identifying Potential Projects The Commission's charge required it to consider whether broad policy parameters should be established regarding identifying potential P3 projects.
Department of Defense Commander's Emergency Response Program Category Definitions and Potential Projects 67 iii MONEY AS A WEAPONS SYSTEM HANDBOOK Approved for Public Release Distribution Unlimited Appendix C.
On the terms and subject to the conditions of this Agreement, MPV hereby assigns and conveys all of its right, title and interest in to and under (i) the Annex A Potential Projects and (ii) projects to be arranged by MPV in the future, which MPV offers to BS (Subsequent Projects and, together with the Annex A Potential Projects, the Projects each singularly a Project).
Mr Beckham and Mrs Beckham may also identify and suggest Potential Projects to the Company and shall notify the B Director as soon as reasonably practicable upon becoming aware of any proposed Potential Project suggested by any third party.
At the request of the Board, the Company shall cause Company Counsel to confer with outside counsel selected and paid by the Board (the Boards Counsel) concerning matters affecting the Company and will provide the Boards Counsel with copies of such documents and agreements as the Boards Counsel may reasonably request from time to time in connection with the acquisition or development of Potential Projects.