Definition of Post US

Post US means Post Foods, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.
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Examples of Post US in a sentence

We need 50 more Canada Post US Envelopes as we only have 5 left ...
Michael Wilcox U.S. Department of Defense Alaskan Command (Command Post) Elmendorf Air Force Base (Command Post) Eielson Air Force Base (Command Post) King Salmon, Galena, and Long Range Radar Stations (Command Post) U.S. Army (Fort Wainwright, Fort Greely, Fort Richardson)(Command Post) Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation 1.
Except as expressly provided in the Distribution Agreement or in any Transaction Agreement, (i) none of the Parties is making any representation to any other party in connection with the Post Contribution, the Cash Payment, the issuance of the Post Stock or the Post Debt Securities, and (ii) Post is not directly assuming any liabilities of Post US or its subsidiaries under the Post Contribution.
Post Business means the manufacture, distribution and marketing of Post(r) brand ready-to-eat cereal products and any other businesses or operations that comprise the Borrowers branded cereal products reporting segment, including, if applicable, Post, Post US and their subsidiaries.
Subject to the terms of this Agreement and the Distribution Agreement, each of Ralcorp and Post shall take all actions necessary to cause the completion of the Post Contribution to which it or any of its subsidiaries is a party, and effective as of the date of this Agreement, Ralcorp shall assign to Post, and Post shall accept from Ralcorp, all of Ralcorps right, title and interest in the all of the equity interest in Post US.