ITT definition

ITT has the meaning given to it in the recitals to this Framework Agreement;
ITT means the Purchaser’s invitation to tender dated (date ITT issued).

Examples of ITT in a sentence

  • The Procuring Entity shall forward copies of its response to all tenderers who have acquired the Tender Documents in accordance with ITT 6.3, including a description of the inquiry but without identifying its source.

  • Should the clarification result in changes to the essential elements of the Tender Documents, the Procuring Entity shall amend the Tender Documents appropriately following the procedure under ITT 8.4.

  • The Procuring Entity shall use the criteria and methodologies listed in this ITT and Section III, Evaluation and Qualification criteria.

  • On receipt of the Procuring Entity's Notification of Intention to Enter into a Contract referred to in ITT 41, an unsuccessful tenderer may make a written request to the Procuring Entity for a debriefing on specific issues or concerns regarding their tender.

  • A Tenderer granting the request shall not be required or permitted to modify its Tender, except as provided in ITT 17.3.

More Definitions of ITT

ITT means this Invitation to Tender including, but not limited to: Part A – Instructions to Tenderers; Part BGeneral Conditions; Part CSpecial Conditions; Part D – Requirements; Part ETender Form; Appendix 1 – Certificate of Existing Insurance; Appendix 2 - Certificate of Insurance; Appendix 3 - Detailed Equipment Specifications and Compliance Matrix and any additional attachments listed in the Table of Contents; and any amendments, addenda, and/or clarifications pertaining to this ITT that may be issued prior to the Closing Time;
ITT means the Invitation to Tender issued by the Authority on 4th February 2012;
ITT means the Invitation to Tender issued by the Authority on [insert date];
ITT means ITT Educational Services, Inc.
ITT means the Purchaser’s invitation to tender dated «F13: date ITT issued».