Policy Terms definition

Policy Terms means all terms, conditions, limitations, definitions and exclusions stated in the policy forms, endorsements, declarations and other parts of the policy.
Policy Terms means all benefits, terms, definitions, conditions, limitations and exclusions in this policy of insurance.
Policy Terms means the terms and conditions of the Policy as in force and amended from time to time.

Examples of Policy Terms in a sentence

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  • This Policy Terms and Conditions together with the Certificate of Insurance form the basis of Your contract of insurance.

  • Your duty: Policy Terms and InformationWe will only provide the cover as set out in this policy if:i.

  • In the event that we pay a benefit contrary to the Policy Terms and Conditions for whatever reason, this will not constitute a waiver retrospectively as they stand to any paid claims or to any future claims for that or any Related Condition.

  • Some of the words and phrases in these Policy Terms and Conditions have specific meanings.

  • In the event that we pay a benefit contrary to the Policy Terms and Conditions for whatever reason, this will not constitute a waiver of our rights to apply the Policy Terms and Conditions retrospectively as they stand to any paid claims or to any future claims for that or any Related Condition.

  • For further details please see the ‘How to Claim’ section within the full Policy Terms and Conditions provided to you.

  • It is hereby expressly agreed between the Policyholder and the Company that this Policy is effected in accordance with the provisions of the Scheme Rules and in the event of the Rules being amended such amendments, if they have any bearing on or affect in any way, the Policy Terms and Conditions or any of the Life Insurance Cover effected hereunder, shall become effective only if the said amendments are approved by the Company on such terms as the Company may stipulate.

  • In case of any discrepancy between the provisions of the Scheme Rules and the Policy Terms and Conditions, the provisions as contained in the Policy Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

  • It does not contain the full Policy Terms and Conditions and it is important that these are read to ensure full understanding of the cover provided.

More Definitions of Policy Terms

Policy Terms means the document with the titled “Policy Terms – Letsure”, the content of whichform part of this Agreement.

Related to Policy Terms

  • Policy Term means the term of this Policy as specified in the Schedule;

  • Key Terms means, with respect to a Relevant Transaction and a party, the valuation of such Relevant Transaction and such other details the relevant party deems relevant from time to time which may include the effective date, the scheduled maturity date, any payment or settlement dates, the notional value of the contract and currency of the Relevant Transaction, the underlying instrument, the position of the counterparties, the business day convention and any relevant fixed or floating rates of the Relevant Transaction. For the avoidance of doubt, "Key Terms" does not include details of the calculations or methodologies underlying any term.

  • URL Terms means the terms with which Customer must comply, which are located at a URL, referenced in this Agreement and are hereby incorporated by reference.

  • Policy summary means a synopsis describing the elements of a life insurance policy.

  • Primary Terms and Conditions means the terms and conditions applicable to the ICICI Bank’s internet banking facility/service.

  • Commercial Terms means this Agreement excluding the Purchase Order;

  • Policy means Related Party Transaction Policy.

  • Policy Schedule means a schedule attached to these Terms and Benefits, which sets out, among others, the Policy Effective Date, Renewal Date, the name and the relevant particulars of the Policy Holder and the Insured Person, the eligible benefits, premium and other relevant details in respect of these Terms and Benefits.

  • Standard Terms and Conditions or “Standard Terms” means these terms and conditions for the grant of the Loan to the Borrower by ABFL.

  • General Terms means these terms and conditions.

  • Service Terms means the service terms applicable to each Service, which are made part of this Agreement upon the date you elect to register for or use the applicable Service, and any subsequent modifications we make to those terms.

  • Special Terms means the Section of the Contract entitled “Special Terms” that contains terms specific to this Contract, including but not limited to the Scope of Work and contract payment terms. If there is a conflict between the General Terms for Services Contracts and the Special Terms, the Special Terms shall prevail.

  • Use Terms means the Software Use Rights document as defined in the Order Form.

  • Delivery Terms as defined in Section 10.1;

  • Special Terms and Conditions means any attachment hereto entitled, in whole or in part, “Special Terms and Conditions.”

  • Policy Web Pages means the web pages available at xxx.xxxxxx.xxx.xx.xx/xxxxxxxxxxxx, and at xxx.xxxxxx.xxx.xx.xx/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or such other URLs or Web pages as the LHIN or the Ministry may advise from time to time. Capital policies can be found at Xxxx://xxx.xxxxxx.xxx.xx.xx/english/providers/program/ltc_redev/awardeeoperator.html.

  • Relevant Terms and Conditions means terms and conditions relating to:

  • Riders means all Riders to this Security Instrument that are signed by Xxxxxxxx. All such Riders are incorporated into and deemed to be a part of this Security Instrument. The following Riders are to be signed by Borrower [check box as applicable]:  Adjustable Rate Rider  1-4 Family Rider  Second Home Rider  Condominium Rider  Planned Unit Development Rider  Other(s) [specify] ___________________

  • General Terms and Conditions means the General Terms and Conditions for Services Contracts as referenced on the RFP cover page.

  • policy of life insurance means any instrument by which the payment of money is assured on death (except death by accident only) or the happening of any contingency dependent on human life, or any instrument evidencing a contract which is subject to payment of premiums for a term dependent on human life;

  • 2%/25% Guidelines has the meaning set forth in Section 13.

  • Same terms and conditions means that a carrier cannot apply

  • Principal Terms shall have the meaning, with respect to any Series issued pursuant to an Exchange, specified in subsection 6.9(c).

  • Addenda/Addendum means supplemental additions, deletions, and modifications to the provisions of the RFQ after the Advertisement date of the RFQ.

  • these Terms means these Terms of Business.

  • Payment Terms for a Supply Point means the Payment Method and Payment Period for it;