Policy summary definition

Policy summary means a synopsis describing the elements of a life insurance policy.
Policy summary means the document summarising the Policy.
Policy summary means a written statement in substan- tially the same format for all companies and describing only the guaranteed elements of the policy including but not limited to:

Examples of Policy summary in a sentence

  • Policy Summary The work hours required for full-time salaried employees of The Texas A&M University System (system) must be scheduled in accordance with this policy.

  • Important Notes Providing information to YouWhen Your cover commences, You will be provided with a copy of the Policy Summary, together with this Policy wording and Policy Schedule.

  • See Pierre Claude Nolin, Chair, Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs, Cannabis: Our Position for a Canadian Public Policy: Summary Report (Ontario: Senate of Canada, 2002); Mitch Earleywine, Understanding Marijuana: A New Look at the Scientific Evidence (New York, Oxford University Press, 2002).

  • Public Consultation on a Future Single Market Policy: Summary of Responses.

  • Details of its Execution Policy (the "Execution Policy Summary") are included in the Appendix to this Agreement on page 45 and you hereby confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to this Execution Policy Summary.

More Definitions of Policy summary

Policy summary means a written statement describing the elements of the policy, including, but not limited to:
Policy summary for universal life policies, means a written statement that shall contain at least the following information:
Policy summary means a written statement describing elements of the policy, including:
Policy summary. The leave policy complies with ACGME institutional policies, UCF policies, and applicable laws (e.g., FMLA). Each program may in addition set more specific policies related to vacation leave. The year generally starts July 1 and ends June 30. Incoming trainees attend orientation in late June.
Policy summary means the policy summary referred to in clause 9.3.1 attached to this Agreement as Annexure B.
Policy summary means a synopsis describing the elements of a life insurance policy. 663 (89) (a) "Premium" means the monetary consideration for an insurance policy, and
Policy summary. This policy details conditions for performance, renewal and promotion, methods of handling concerns about performance, and formal actions including a remediation/performance plan, suspension, non-renewal, and termination. A separate policy addresses the grievance process and appeals. Each residency program has a Clinical Competency Committee involved with assessing progress and advising the program director on performance, advancement, and formal actions. Procedures: See each section for details.