Policy Provider definition

Policy Provider means MBIA Insurance Corporation, or any successor thereto.
Policy Provider. Has the meaning specified in the Intercreditor Agreement.

Examples of Policy Provider in a sentence

  • No delay or omission by any Trustee, any Liquidity Provider, the Policy Provider, the Controlling Party or the Subordination Agent in the exercise of any right, remedy or power or in the pursuit of any remedy shall impair any such right, power or remedy or be construed to be a waiver of any default or to be an acquiescence therein.

  • The provisions of this Section do not apply to a suit instituted by the Subordination Agent, a Liquidity Provider, the Policy Provider or a Trustee or a suit by Certificateholders holding more than 10% of the original principal amount of any Class of Certificates.

  • Each of the Liquidity Providers, the Policy Provider and the Trustees hereby designates and appoints the Subordination Agent as the Subordination Agent under this Agreement.

  • No term, covenant, agreement or condition of this Agreement may be terminated, amended or compliance therewith waived (either generally or in a particular instance, retroactively or prospectively) except by an instrument or instruments in writing executed by the Lessee, TILC, TRLTII, Trinity, the Policy Provider (so long as it is the Control Party) and each party against which enforcement of the termination, amendment or waiver is sought.

  • Lessor and the Policy Provider shall each be entitled at its expense to review copies of all applicable insurance policies.

More Definitions of Policy Provider

Policy Provider means MBIA Insurance Corporation, a New York-domiciled stock insurance company.
Policy Provider has the meaning set forth in the tenth recital to the Note Purchase Agreement.
Policy Provider means Financial Guaranty Insurance Company, a New York stock insurance company.
Policy Provider means Ambac Assurance Corporation, or any successor thereto, as issuer of the Policy.
Policy Provider means Ambac Assurance Corporation.
Policy Provider. Means, initially, MBIA Insurance Corporation, and any replacement or successor thereof appointed in accordance with the Policy Provider Agreement.