Stated Interest Rate definition

Stated Interest Rate means a rate (whether fixed or variable) at which an obligation by its terms is stated to bear simple interest. Any calculation or other determination to be made under this Indenture by reference to the Stated Interest Rate on a Security shall be made without regard to the effective interest cost to the Company of such Security and without regard to the Stated Interest Rate on, or the effective cost to the Company of, any other indebtedness in respect of which the Company's obligations are evidenced or secured in whole or in part by such Security.
Stated Interest Rate means (i) with respect to the Class G Certificates, 3.857% per annum, (ii) with respect to the Class C Certificates, 8.0% per annum and (iii) with respect to the Class D Certificates, 12.0% per annum.

Examples of Stated Interest Rate in a sentence

  • Interest shall commence to accrue at the Stated Interest Rate on each amount drawn down for the Bond by the Issuer under the Bond Purchase Loan Agreement from the date such amount was drawn down.

More Definitions of Stated Interest Rate

Stated Interest Rate means, as of any date, a rate per annum equal to 8.00%.
Stated Interest Rate. Trust," "Trust Agreement," "Controlling Party" shall be revised, as appropriate, to reflect the issuance of the Class D Certificates (and the subordination thereof); and
Stated Interest Rate means with respect to (i) the Class AA Certificates, 3.15% per annum, (ii) the Class A Certificates, 3.50% per annum and (iii) the Class B Certificates, 3.85% per annum.
Stated Interest Rate. Subordination Agent”, “Taxes”, “Threshold Rating”, “Transfer”, “Trust Agreement”, “Trustee”, “Underwriters”, “Underwriting Agreement”, “United”, and “United Bankruptcy Event”.
Stated Interest Rate. Subordination Agent”, “Taxes”, “Transfer”, “Trust Agreement”, “Trustee”, “Underwriters”, “Underwriting Agreement”, “US Airways” and “US Airways Bankruptcy Event”.