Definition of Points of Demarcation

Points of Demarcation means the interconnection points between the Transmission Facilities and the electrical transmission system not owned by Owner, as more particularly described in the Asset Demarcation Agreement.
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Examples of Points of Demarcation in a sentence

Nothing in this Agreement or elsewhere shall prohibit, restrict, limit and/or otherwise affect Contractor's ability to participate in, and/or to take any action or position (even if adverse or contrary to Owner) during the course of, any Proceeding regarding Capital Improvements; provided that in any such Proceeding, Contractor's position with respect to Contractor Facilities adjacent to the Points of Demarcation shall be consistent with Contractor's position with respect to the Transmission Facilities.
At the request of AT&T, CUSTOMER will provide to AT&T, without charge, space, power and environmental conditions at the Points of Demarcation and at each CUSTOMER termination point as reasonably necessary to provide the Services.
The Parties acknowledge that since the Transmission Facilities are interconnected to Contractor Facilities at the Points of Demarcation, the Transmission Facilities will not be retired by Owner except in connection with Contractor's decision to retire such interconnecting Contractor Facilities.
Owner acknowledges that for planned Capital Improvements, Contractor intends to implement such Capital Improvements in connection with related improvements to Contractor Facilities that interconnect with the Transmission Facilities and that such Capital Improvements may result in adjustments by Contractor to the Points of Demarcation.