Definition of PMPA Franchise Agreements

PMPA Franchise Agreements means, collectively, lease or sublease agreements, franchise agreements, motor fuels sales agreements, including Dealer Supply Agreements and other agreements between EMOC and its franchise dealers establishing a franchise relationship, as that term is defined in the PMPA.
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Examples of PMPA Franchise Agreements in a sentence

Subject to Section 2.5.1 hereof, at Closing EMOC will assign to Purchaser the PMPA Franchise Agreements.
The Closing, consisting of the Parties execution and delivery of all the documents referred to in this Agreement, including, but not limited to, Sellers delivery of the Deeds, the Assignment of Leases, the Assignment of PMPA Franchise Agreements, the Assignment and Assumption Agreement, and the Bills of Sale, will take place at Sellers offices located at 3225 Gallows Road, Fairfax, Virginia 22037, or at another mutually agreed upon location.
At Closing, EMOC will deliver to the Title Company and Purchaser an executed Assignment of PMPA Franchise Agreements.
At Closing, Purchaser will deliver to the Title Company and EMOC an executed Assignment of PMPA Franchise Agreements duly executed by Purchaser.