Permits definition

Permits means all permits, licenses, franchises, approvals, authorizations, registrations, certificates, variances and similar rights obtained, or required to be obtained, from Governmental Authorities.
Permits means all licenses, permits, certificates, registrations and other authorizations and approvals that are issued by or obtained from any Government Authority.
Permits shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.16.

Examples of Permits in a sentence

  • Permits and licenses required for the execution of the work shall be obtained by the contractor at his own expenses.

  • In addition, the Dealing with Construction Permits indicator measures the building quality control index, evaluating the quality of building regulations, the strength of quality control and safety mechanisms, liability and insurance regimes, and professional certification requirements.

  • PURCHASER shall procure all Permits and licenses, pay all charges and fees, and give all notices necessary and incident to the due and lawful prosecution of the Operations, and shall maintain and keep such Permits and licenses current throughout the term of the Contract.

  • Permits, Licenses, and Certificates: For Owner's records, submit copies of permits, licenses, certifications, inspection reports, releases, jurisdictional settlements, notices, receipts for fee payments, judgments, correspondence, records, and similar documents, established for compliance with standards and regulations bearing on performance of the Work.

  • Trading Permits may not be leased and are not transferable except in the event of a change in control or corporate reorganization involving a Member.

More Definitions of Permits

Permits has the meaning set forth in Section 3.08(b).
Permits means, with respect to any Person, any permit, approval, authorization, license, registration, certificate, concession, grant, franchise, variance or permission from, and any other Contractual Obligations with, any Governmental Authority, in each case whether or not having the force of law and applicable to or binding upon such Person or any of its property or to which such Person or any of its property is subject.
Permits has the meaning set forth in Section 4.10.
Permits means permits, approvals, authorizations, consents, licenses or certificates issued by any Governmental Authority.