Month definition

MonthΒ means calendar month.
MonthΒ means calendar month;
MonthΒ means a period starting on one day in a calendar month and ending on the numerically corresponding day in the next calendar month, except that:

Examples of Month in a sentence

  • Per: (Choose only one)*🞎 Hour 🞎 Week 🞎 Bi-Weekly 🞎 Month πŸžŽβœ”Year Questions 12-14.

  • Per: (Choose only one)*🞎 Hour 🞎 Week 🞎 Bi-Weekly 🞎 Month πŸžŽβœ”Year11.

  • Per: (Choose only one) *β–‘ Hour β–‘ Week β–‘ Bi-Weekly β–‘ Month β–‘βœ” Year11.

  • Per: (Choose only one)* Hour Week Bi-Weekly Month YearQuestions 12-14.

  • Per: (Choose only one) *🞎 Hour 🞎 Week 🞎 Bi-Weekly 🞎 Month πŸžŽβœ” Year11.

More Definitions of Month

MonthΒ means the calendar month. β€˜Day’ or β€˜Days’ unless herein otherwise expressly defined shall mean calendar day or days of 24 hours each.
MonthΒ means calendar month of the Gregorian Calendar.
MonthΒ means β€œCalendar month”.
MonthΒ means English calendar month.
MonthΒ means the calendar month.
MonthΒ means a calendar month and "Monthly" shall be interpreted accordingly;
MonthΒ means the one Calendar month.