Definition of Qualifying Bank

Qualifying Bank means any entity, which effectively conducts banking activities as principal purpose with its own infrastructure and staff and which is recognized as a bank by the banking laws in force in the jurisdiction of its incorporation, or if such entity is acting through a branch in a jurisdiction other than the jurisdiction of its incorporation, in the jurisdiction where such branch is located or registered all in accordance with the Swiss Guidelines.

Qualifying Bank means-- (a)

Examples of Qualifying Bank in a sentence

Any Lender which ceases to be a Swiss Qualifying Bank shall promptly notify Aleris that it has ceased to be a Swiss Qualifying Bank.
Swiss Borrower is in compliance with the Non-Bank Rules, it being understood, however, that the Swiss Borrower shall not be in breach of this representation if the relevant number of creditors is exceeded solely (i) by reason of a failure by one or more Lenders to comply with their obligations under Section 14.6, (ii) by a Lender having made a misrepresentation in respect of the information provided under Section 6.4(e)(i)(D), or (iii) by a Lender having lost its status as Qualifying Bank.
Each Lender party hereto on the Closing Date represents that it is a Swiss Qualifying Bank or a Swiss Non-Qualifying Bank as further indicated on Schedule I-B.
The Bank (a) represents that, as of the date of this Agreement, the Bank is an Approved Credit Institution and a Qualifying Bank; and (b) agrees that, if at any time it ceases to be an Approved Credit Institution, it will (i) promptly notify ACE and (ii) to the extent practicable, cause an Affiliate thereof that is an Approved Credit Institution and a Qualifying Bank to replace the Bank as the issuer of each LOC that has been issued for Funds at Lloyds.
The Bank may issue LOCs through any branch or Affiliate thereof that (x) customarily issues letters of credit and (y) is an Approved Credit Institution and a Qualifying Bank or is otherwise approved in writing by ACE.