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Payer of Last Resort means using FACT enhancement funds after exhausting all other potential sources of funds.
Payer of Last Resort means that the Program pays benefits secondary to all other public and private third-party payers who have an obligation to pay for such benefits.
Payer of Last Resort means a requirement to coordinate services and seek payment from all other sources before Ryan White funds are used.

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  • Learn about clinical trials: III.3.E. Exceptions to the Payer of Last Resort RequirementRWHAP recipients may not deny services, including prescription drugs, to an individual receiving benefits through Veterans Affairs (VA) who is otherwise eligible for RWHAP services, even if they could obtain services and medications through the VA (PCN 16-01).

  • Section 8082(b) and (c): Clarification of Payer of Last Resort Application to Child Welfare Prevention and Family Services; Effective DateBackgroundAs amended by the Family First Prevention Services Act (Title VII, Division E of P.L. 115-123), beginning with FY2020, states may elect to use funding under the Title IV-E program to support certain SUD and mental health treatment services, as well as skills-based programs for in-home parents.

  • For more information, please refer to: Medicaid Payer of Last Resort Under Medicaid law and regulations, Medicaid is generally the payer of last resort.

  • Region V and DHHS reserve the right to be Payer of Last Resort for consumers who meet the clinical criteria for an identified level of care and who are without the financial resources to pay for care.

  • The 1/10th of 1% funding should be utilized as a Payer of Last Resort.

  • The Payer of Last Resort policy is to be incorporated into the Subcontractor’s policies and procedure, operation/administration manual and client chart.

  • Proposals are being solicited for the following services:Provide comprehensive pharmacy benefit & information management; Client Eligibility Administration, Coordination of Benefits and Payer of Last Resort Program Management, Statewide Pharmacy Network, Claims Processing, Pharmacy Payment Processing, ADAP Formulary Management, ADAP Program Member Technical Support, Reporting and Data Management.

  • Payer of Last Resort means using FACT enhancement funds after exhausting all other potential sources of funds.

  • The training includes a mix of new Service Coordinators, veteran Service Coordinators, District Coordinators, and other stakeholders, including Parent Advisors, Quality Monitors, etc.Topics covered include statute and regulations; policies, procedures and forms; SPP and APR; Payer of Last Resort; Targeted Case Management; Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act; General Supervision; Data collection/entry/analysis; and IFSP development/review/revision/reevaluation.

  • By way of example, all new poles must be hollow metal, fiberglass or a similar composite material that is structurally designed and certified for the intended use, and designed for internal cabling.

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Payer of Last Resort means the entity that pays after all other programs have been pursued for enrollment and payment. Under the “payer of last resort” (also referred to in Medicaid as “third party liability”) (Section 1902(a)(25)) of the Social Security Act) requirement, State Medicaid programs must take “all reasonable measures to ascertain the legal liability of third parties.”xv Even though many, but not all, publicly funded services are defined as the payer of last resort, there are options that permit braiding resources with other public funders to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. Further, if the payer of last resort has paid a bill that should have been paid by another entity, then the State or local agency that is the payer of last resort may seek reimbursement.xvi
Payer of Last Resort means as a condition of eligibility for residential accessibility modification program services, another public or private insurance or coverage and a community resource is exhausted first.
Payer of Last Resort means an entity that pays after all other programs have been pursued for enrollment and payment. Examples of other programs include, but are not limited to: private health insurance, employer-sponsored health insurance, Medicaid and other State and Federal Programs.

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