Partner definition

Partner means any General Partner or Limited Partner.
Partner means a spouse or civil partner, or a person with whom you are living as husband or wife, or a person with whom you are living as if you are civil partners.
Partner means the General Partner or a Limited Partner, and “Partners” means the General Partner and the Limited Partners collectively. Solely for purposes of Exhibit B, “Partner” shall include the Special Limited Partner.

Examples of Partner in a sentence

  • Any Partner Nonrecourse Deductions for any Partnership Year shall be specially allocated to the Holder(s) who bears the economic risk of loss with respect to the Partner Nonrecourse Debt to which such Partner Nonrecourse Deductions are attributable, in accordance with Regulations Section 1.704-2(i).

  • Its: General Partner By: Print Name: Title: Exhibit 10.70 FORM OF SECTION 83(b) ELECTION AND INSTRUCTIONS These instructions are provided to assist you if you choose to make an election under Section 83(b) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended, with respect to the Performance Units of Xxxxxx Pacific Properties, L.P. transferred to you.

  • Admission of Successor General Partner.................................................

  • If not already a Partner, the Partnership hereby admits the Participant as a Partner of the Partnership on the terms and conditions set forth herein, in the Plan and in the Partnership Agreement.

  • If the Participant is married, his or her spouse or domestic partner has signed the Consent of Spouse/Domestic Partner attached to hereto as Exhibit X.

More Definitions of Partner

Partner. , in relation to a person, means—
Partner means a limited or general partner.
Partner means any one of the Partners.
Partner means the General Partner or any Limited Partner. “Partners” shall mean the General Partner and all Limited Partners (unless otherwise indicated).
Partner in sub-paragraph (2)(a) above means a member of a couple who live together.
Partner means a person who is a spouse or de facto partner.