Participations definition

Participations shall have the meaning set forth in Section 13.1 hereof.
Participations means participation interests in the Loan Documents granted by the Lender.
Participations shall have the meaning specified in subsection 2.06(a)(ii).

Examples of Participations in a sentence

  • Any assignment or transfer by a Lender of rights or obligations under this Agreement that does not comply with this Section 11.8.2 shall be treated for purposes of this Agreement as a sale by such Lender of a participation in such rights and obligations in accordance with Section 11.8.4 [Participations].

  • If PNC resigns as an Issuing Xxxxxx, it shall retain all the rights, powers, privileges and duties of an Issuing Lender with respect to all Letters of Credit issued by it that remain outstanding as of the effective date of its resignation as Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx and all Letter of Credit Obligations with respect thereto, including the right to require the Lenders to make Participation Advances pursuant to Section 2.10.3 [Participations, Disbursements, Reimbursement].

  • Assignments and Participations 133135 iii 149194398v7 Page ARTICLE TWELVE MUTUAL COVENANTS REGARDING CONFIDENTIALITY Section 12.01.

  • MISCELLANEOUS 36 Section 6.1. Amendments, Etc 36 Section 6.2. Notices, Etc 37 TABLE OF CONTENTS (continued) Page Section 6.3. Successors and Assigns; Participations; Assignments 37 Section 6.4. Costs, Expenses and Taxes 39 Section 6.5. No Proceedings; Limitation on Payments 39 Section 6.6. GOVERNING LAW AND JURISDICTION 40 Section 6.7. Execution in Counterparts 40 Section 6.8. Survival of Termination 40 Section 6.9. WAIVER OF JURY TRIAL 40 Section 6.10.

More Definitions of Participations

Participations has the meaning specified in Section 11.6(c) hereof.
Participations means the units in which the rights of the Participants to the Fund Estate have been divided, each Participation representing an equal interest in the Fund Estate without priority or preference one over the other;
Participations. Participations acquired by the Seller in all or a portion of a loan obligation held by a Selling Institution.
Participations. The Bank shall have the unrestricted right at any -------------- time and from time to time, and without the consent of or notice to Company, to grant to one or more banks or other financial institutions (each, a "Participant") participating interests in the Bank's obligation to lend hereunder and/or any or all of the loans held by the Bank hereunder. In the event of any such grant by the Bank of a participating interest to a Participant, whether or not upon notice to the Company, the Bank shall remain responsible for the performance of its obligations hereunder and the Company shall continue to deal solely and directly with the Bank in connection with the Bank's rights and obligations hereunder. The Bank may furnish any information concerning the Company in its possession from time to time to prospective Participants, provided that the Bank shall require any such prospective Participant to agree in writing to maintain the confidentiality of such information.
Participations means the interests of the Participating Lenders in the Facility.
Participations means, with respect to any Film, all amounts (whether described as a deferment, a gross participation or otherwise) which any Entertainment Company may be contractually obligated to pay to any person, for rights or services in connection with any Film and which are based on or dependent on all or any percentage of the proceeds of the Film (irrespective of the manner in which such proceeds are defined or computed), including royalties, residuals and guild payments, whether or not such payment has then become due or been made.
Participations. Each Revolving Credit Lender may sell participations to one or more financial institutions (each, a "PARTICIPANT") in that Revolving Credit Lender's interests herein provided that no such participation shall include any provision which accords that Participant with any rights, vis a vis any Agent, with respect to any requirement herein for approval by a requisite number or proportion of the Revolving Credit Lenders. No such sale of a participation shall relieve a Revolving Credit Lender from that Revolving Credit Lender's obligations hereunder nor obligate any Agent to any Person other than a Revolving Credit Lender.