Participation Interests definition

Participation Interests shall have the meaning specified in subsection 2.09(a)(ii).
Participation Interests means the limited liability company, general or limited partnership interests in Owner, any other option entity or any Contributing Entity, as applicable and, to the extent a limited liability company, general or limited partnership interests are held by an agent for the benefit of participants, the beneficial ownership of such interests.
Participation Interests means participations representing undivided interests in a pool of assets primarily consisting of receivables in revolving credit card accounts or other revolving credit accounts owned by an Account Owner or any Affiliate thereof and collections thereon.

Examples of Participation Interests in a sentence

  • Until Elevation occurs for each Participated Asset, the Seller shall hold title to each of the Participated Assets for the benefit of the Purchaser to the extent of the Participation Interests.

More Definitions of Participation Interests

Participation Interests means the participation interest of each Bank in (a) any Swing Line Loan, as provided in Section 2.7(b), (b) Letters of Credit, as provided in Section 2.8(a) and (b), and (c) Loans of other Banks, as provided in Section 4.5.
Participation Interests means, with respect to an Underlying Mortgage Loan, all of the economic, beneficial and equitable ownership interests (together with the related Servicing Rights) therein pursuant to the Participation Agreement.
Participation Interests means undivided pro-rata participation interests in Non-Portfolio Loans.
Participation Interests means Revolving Participation Interests or Credit-Linked Participations, individually or collectively as the context may require.
Participation Interests is defined in SECTION 2.8(b).
Participation Interests means a participation interest purchased by a Revolving Lender in LOC Obligations as provided in Section 2.2(c) and in Swingline Loans as provided in Section 2.3.
Participation Interests means the participation interests held at the date of this Agreement by the Sellers, which together constitute a 10% (ten per cent) participation interest in the charter capital of the Company;