Packaging Supplies definition

Packaging Supplies include the Tray, retainer, lid, carton, and other packaging products that Pro-Tech will make or have made under this Agreement for packaging of Product or Accessory Components.
Packaging Supplies means materials, whether reusable or single-use, used in a packaging operation solely for packaging tangible personal property. The term includes but is not limited to containers, sacks, boxes, wraps, fillers, cones, cores, pallets, and bags. The term also includes such items as labels, invoices, packing slips, tags, and plates affixed to the product or affixed to or inserted into product packaging.
Packaging Supplies means the dry supplies supplied at Customer’s expense to Company as listed on Exhibit B hereto which are used by Company in connection with the packaging, labeling, packing, handling, storage and preparation for shipment of Product hereunder.

Examples of Packaging Supplies in a sentence

  • CCSD15 is soliciting bids for Cafeteria Packaging Supplies to be utilized through the District’s twenty school buildings.

  • II.2.1. Packaging Supplies shall be packaged in strong boxes or crates or in any other way which ensures that the contents remain intact and prevents damage or deterioration.

  • Nevro shall prepare and submit to Pro-Tech at least once per quarter a non-binding rolling six (6) month Product and Packaging Supplies demand forecast.

  • All taxes, duties and other amounts assessed on the Packaging Supplies prior to or upon sale to Nevro are the responsibility of Pro-Tech and are included in the pricing set forth on Exhibit C.

  • Prices for the Products, each Accessory Components, and Packaging Supplies are or shall be set forth in Exhibit C, as may be amended from time to time upon mutual written agreement of the parties.

  • Pro-Tech shall invoice Nevro for all Products, Packaging Supplies, or Accessory Components shipped upon or after shipment.

  • Methods of supplier evaluation for suppliers that deliver standard off-the-shelf products (i.e. Packaging Supplies) include, but are not limited to: a) completion of QA questionnaire; or b) past experience with similar supplies from the supplier; or c) evaluation of product samples.

  • R1 refers to the multi-family residences located west of the project site across Walnut Avenue, and R2 refers to the single-family residence located directly north of the project site.

  • DEPARTMENT OF STATE REVENUE LETTER OF FINDINGS NUMBER: 00-0026Use Tax – Packaging Supplies For Tax Years 1996 through 1998 0420000026.LOFNOTICE: Under IC 4-22-7-7, this document is required to be published in the Indiana Register and is effective on its date of publication.

  • The AAA shall develop procedure for taking and documenting meal temperature of the last meal served on each route.b.9. Meal Packaging Supplies and Carriers Meal packaging supplies and carriers will be used that assure that hot foods are packaged and transported in separate carriers from cold foods.(1)10.

More Definitions of Packaging Supplies

Packaging Supplies means all packaging materials such as bags, cartons, and measuring devices, used for packaging Acephate Products.

Related to Packaging Supplies

  • Packaging means the assembly of components necessary to ensure compliance with the packaging requirements of these regulations. It may consist of one or more receptacles, absorbent materials, spacing structures, thermal insulation, radiation shielding, and devices for cooling or absorbing mechanical shocks. The vehicle, tie-down system, and auxiliary equipment may be designated as part of the packaging.

  • Packaging Materials means art and mechanical formats for a Software Title including the retail packaging, end user instruction manual with end user license agreement and warranties, end user warnings, FPU media label, and any promotional inserts and other materials that are to be included in the retail packaging.

  • Finished Products means the fully assembled and shrink-wrapped Licensed Products, each including a Game Cartridge, Game Cartridge label and Printed Materials.

  • FOB means Free on Board

  • EXW or "ex-works price" means:

  • Shipment means a volume of products offered to and accepted by Carrier for transportation.

  • API means the American Petroleum Institute.

  • Finished Product means a cannabis product in its final form to be sold at a retail premises.

  • Drug Substance means an active ingredient that is intended to furnish pharmacological activity or other direct effect in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease or to affect the structure or any function of the human body, but does not include intermediates used in the synthesis of such ingredient.

  • Ex Works means that the seller delivers when it places the goods at the disposal of the buyer at the seller’s premises or at another named place (i.e.,works, factory, warehouse, etc.). The seller does not need to load the goods on any collecting vehicle, nor does it need to clear the goods for export, where such clearance is applicable.

  • Manufacturing site means the facilities where a Compound is Manufactured by or on behalf of a Party, as such Manufacturing Site may change from time to time in accordance with Section 8.7.

  • Purchase Orders means official orders issued by an operating division of Transnet to the Supplier/Service Provider for the supply of Goods or Services;

  • Manufacturing Facility means buildings and structures, including machinery and equipment, the primary purpose of which is or will be the manufacture of tangible goods or materials or the processing of such goods or materials by physical or chemical change.

  • Bulk Product means Licensed Product supplied in a form other than Finished Product which can be converted into Finished Product.

  • Manufacturing Materials means parts, tools, dies, jigs, fixtures, plans, drawings, and information produced or acquired, or rights acquired, specifically to fulfill obligations set forth herein.

  • Bulk drug substance means any substance that is represented for use, and that, when used in the

  • Manufacturing Services means the manufacturing, quality control, quality assurance, stability testing, packaging, and related services, as set forth in this Agreement, required to manufacture Product or Products using the Active Materials, Components, and Xxxx Back Items;

  • Packing means the activities required to wrap and protect an article, properly place the article in appropriate carton or box, and stow the article and its carton or box in a lift van of sufficient size and constructed in accordance with post specifications; includes obtaining customs clearances and required documentation for shipment, via surface or air as appropriate.

  • Manufacturing means all activities related to the manufacture of a Compound, including planning, purchasing, manufacture, processing, compounding, storage, filling, packaging, waste disposal, labeling, leafleting, testing, quality assurance, sample retention, stability testing, release, dispatch and supply, as applicable.

  • the Products means all products and associated documentation to be supplied under this Contract;

  • Consumables means all items which are consumed in the execution of the Work, without being directly incorporated in the Work, such as fuel, electricity, water, POL, welding rods, electrodes and utilities.

  • Purchase Order means the form or format a Customer uses to make a purchase under the Contract (e.g., a formal written purchase order, electronic purchase order, procurement card, contract or other authorized means).

  • Active Ingredient means the clinically active material(s) that provide pharmacological activity in a pharmaceutical product (excluding formulation components such as coatings, stabilizers, excipients or solvents, adjuvants or controlled release technologies).

  • labelling means any words, particulars, trade marks, brand name, pictorial matter or symbol relating to a food and placed on any packaging, document, notice, label, ring or collar accompanying or referring to such food;

  • shipped includes removal from the work sites by ship or any other means;

  • Incoterms 2010 means the International Commercial Terms, which are a series of pre-defined commercial terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce and are a trademark of the International Chamber of Commerce.