Purchase Price Per Share definition

Purchase Price Per Share means $0.01 per share, as may be adjusted from time to time in accordance with Section 5 or 6.
Purchase Price Per Share means $0.55 per share, as adjusted from time to time in accordance with the terms hereof.
Purchase Price Per Share shall not include any fees paid to a third partyaggregatorengaged by the Buyer to buy shares from Buyer stockholders who have indicated an intention to convert their shares and/or vote against the Merger.

Examples of Purchase Price Per Share in a sentence

  • The Stockholder and the Company agree that the fair market value of the Shares is equal to the aggregate Original Purchase Price Per Share of the Shares, and shall reflect such fair market value to the extent required on any Federal, state or local income tax return or filing.

  • Buyer has made no Purchase Price Per Share offer to any other party in excess of such Purchase Price Per Share being offered to Seller.

  • Number of Shares to Be Purchased: _______________ Multiplied by: Purchase Price Per Share $______________ Total Purchase Price $_______________ Please check the payment method below: ____ Enclosed is a check for the total purchase price above.

  • Subject to Section 7, Seller hereby sells to Buyer and Buyer hereby purchases from Seller at the Closing (as defined in Section 4(c)) the Shares at the Purchase Price Per Share, for the Aggregate Purchase Price.

  • The Company and/or its assignee(s) will then have the option to repurchase from Purchaser (or from Purchaser's personal representative as the case may be) any or all of the Unvested Shares at the Purchaser's original Purchase Price Per Share (as adjusted to reflect any stock dividend, stock split, reverse stock split or recapitalization of the common stock of the Company occurring after the Effective Date).

More Definitions of Purchase Price Per Share

Purchase Price Per Share shall have the meaning ascribed to this term in Section 2.01.
Purchase Price Per Share means $1,000 or, in the case of Common Stock or Common Stock Equivalents other than the Shares, the Rollover Options, the Hull Warrants and the New Options issued and outstanding as of the date hereof, the applicable purchase price or exercise or conversion price under the terms of the option agreement or other agreement governing the issuance of such Common Stock or Common Stock Equivalents.
Purchase Price Per Share means the product of (x) the Market Price Per Share MULTIPLIED BY (y) 0.825.
Purchase Price Per Share has the meaning ascribed to such term in the first Whereas clause of this Agreement.
Purchase Price Per Share of Common Stock on a Purchase Date means the average of the Closing Sale Prices of the shares of Common Stock for the five Trading Day period ending on the third Business Day prior to such Purchase Date (if the third Business Day prior to such Purchase Date is a Trading Day, or if not, then on the last Trading Day immediately prior to the third Business Day), appropriately adjusted to take into account the occurrence, during the period commencing on the first of the Trading Days during the five Trading Day period and ending on such Purchase Date, of any event described in Sections 11.06, 11.07, 11.08, 11.09 or 11.10; subject, however, to the conditions set forth in Sections 11.12 and 11.13. The “Closing Sale Price” of the shares of Common Stock on any date means the closing sale price per share (or, if no closing sale price is reported, the average of the bid and ask prices or, if more than one in either case, the average of the average bid and the average ask prices) on such date as reported in composite transactions for the principal United States securities exchange on which the Common Stock is traded or, if the Common Stock is not listed on a United States national or regional securities exchange, as reported by the Nasdaq National Market. In the absence of such quotations, the Company shall be entitled to determine the sales price on the basis of such quotations as it considers appropriate. Upon determination of the actual number of shares of Common Stock to be issued upon redemption of Securities, the Company shall (i) disseminate a press release containing such information through any two of Reuters Economic Services, Bloomberg Business News and Dow Jxxxx & Company Inc. and (ii) publish such information on its web site at wxx.xxxxxx.xxx or other successor web site or through such other public medium as it may use at that time.
Purchase Price Per Share means the purchase price per Share established by the Administrator prior to the Offering Date for each Offering Period; provided that it shall be no less than the lower of (i) eighty-five percent (85%) of the Fair Market Value on the Offering Date or (ii) eighty-five percent (85%) of the Fair Market Value on the Purchase Date.
Purchase Price Per Share means, with respect to Shares purchased from a Shareholder or Additional Shareholder in connection with a Transfer that does not constitute a 2.5% Transaction, an amount determined in good faith by the Board as the value per Share as of the date on which the purchase is deemed to be effective based on the Total Company Valuation as of such date. In computing the Purchase Price Per Share, the Board shall consider, in addition to outstanding Shares, the dilution effect of options, warrants or other rights to acquire shares of common stock and will not impute any discount or premium based on the percentage of the Company represented by the Shares being purchased or illiquidity of any such Shares.