DSL definition

DSL refers to a set of service-enhancing copper technologies that are designed to provide digital communications services over copper Loops either in addition to or instead of normal analog voice service, sometimes referred to herein as xDSL, including, but not limited to, the following:
DSL means the School's Designated Safeguarding Lead. References to the DSL include the Deputy DSL (DDSL) where the DSL is unavailable.

Examples of DSL in a sentence

  • This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which you agree to use DCCV's DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Internet Access Service, Wireless Internet Service, or Dial-Up Internet Service in conjunction with phone service.

  • Xx. Xxxxxx noted that several of the amendments to the interconnection agreement address issues that are currently before the commission, such as rates and terms for DSL and Line-sharing (No. 00-0393); non-recurring charges; (No. 98-0396); collocations terms and rates (No. 99-0615); dark fiber provisioning (Nos.

  • Xx. Xxxxxx noted that the DSL and UNE Remand Appendices both have sections reserving the rights of the parties to alter this agreement to comply with future Commission or FCC orders.

  • Customer is responsible for securing DSL, cable or another high speed Internet connection and up-to-date “browser” software in order to utilize the Cloud Service.

  • On a familiar sheet, will determine bond amount of mitigation credit available to DSL for collaboratively funded projects, Fort Ore! However, tetracene, unless your district engineer determines that prior approval of the final mitigation plan secure not practicable or oversee necessary can ensure timely completion of the required compensatory mitigation.

More Definitions of DSL

DSL or “Digital Subscriber Line” means a family of technologies generically referred to as DSL, or xDSL, capable of transforming ordinary phone lines (also known as ‘twisted copper pairs’) into high speed digital lines;
DSL means Digital Subscriber Line technology.
DSL means Service Provider ADSL and SDSL products and services;
DSL is as described in Attachment 3 of this Agreement.
DSL means technology which permits broadband transmission over copper telephone lines, allowing for the provision of high speed data services.
DSL means a digital subscriber line or a modem technology that provides Broadband transport over telephone lines.
DSL means a digital subscriber line connection to the public internet;