Definition of New Resources

New Resources (05/27/08 Version) means those Specified Resources listed in section 2 of Exhibit A that were or are dedicated to <<Customer Name>>'s

Examples of New Resources in a sentence

Any requirements power provided by Bonneville under these contracts would be priced at the "New Resources Rate." This rate would in effect reflect the marginal cost to Bonneville of acquiring power to meet the loads plus certain other costs.
New Resources to Support Small Business Lending In October 2011, the State was allocated $33.8 million in funding through the Federal Jobs Act to strengthen the EDA's existing lending programs and meet the needs of the small business community - a sector still struggling to access capital due to the tight credit market.
YzApp shall have completed its legal, accounting and business due diligence of the New Resources Companies and the Shareholder and the results thereof shall be satisfactory to YzApp in its sole and absolute discretion.
Since September 30, 2008, there have been no significant changes in the New Resources Companies' internal controls or, to each of the New Resources Companies' best knowledge, in other factors that could significantly affect the New Resources Companies' internal controls.
Therefore, Employee understands and acknowledges that, pursuant to Employees resignation tendered to Employer on September 4, 2009, Employees employment with Employer shall cease in all employment capacities including, and without limitation as officer, director, employee and/or agent of Employer and any and all affiliates and subsidiaries of Employer including, but not limited to New Resources Leasing Corporation, as of October 2, 2009.