Sewer Facilities Sample Clauses

Sewer Facilities. (a) City represents and warrants that sewer service through the City system is available to the Subject Property at a location north of the Subject Property at Caron Road and I-88. In connection with the annexation and development of the Subject Property, the City shall construct sufficient sewer pipes, lines, lift stations and other facilities in order to bring sewer service to the Subject Property sufficient to service the Subject Property for its anticipated use and in accordance with City standards, and the City shall install such facilities along the Subject Property (collectively, “Sewer Facilities”) as shown on Exhibit G-2.1. Subject to events of Force Majeure (as defined below), the City shall complete the Sewer Facilities to (i) the east boundary of the Barth Property and (ii) the Ogle County line along the east boundary of the Yesac Property on or before the date that is six months after the date that Owner has submitted to the City (1) an application for a grading permit for a primary building on any portion of the Subject Property, and (2) an application for approval of Owner’s storm water management plan for applicable portion of the Subject Property, and (3) all fees required in connection with such applications. Owner shall submit such applications and pay such fees within 12 months after Owner purchases any portion of the Yesac Property. Owner acknowledges that the City’s obligation to complete the Sewer Facilities by such date is subject to Force Majeure (as defined in Section 37(c)) and City obtaining the easements required to install the Sewer Facilities. Owner shall reimburse the City for the costs of the installation of the Sewer Facilities as set forth herein. Such Sewer Facilities shall be constructed either within existing easements or in currently dedicated right-of-way and to the extent that such easements and rights-of-way are not currently in existence, the City shall obtain such easements and rights-of-way at Owner’s sole cost pursuant to Section 14, subject to the following: (x) if IRE (as defined in Section 6(c)) or IRE’s designee or assignee enters into an annexation agreement with the City relating to the IRE Land (as defined in Section 6(c)) and acquires the IRE Land, Owner shall not be required to pay for any easements that may be required on the IRE Land, (y) the City shall consult with Owner and obtain Owner’s approval (which shall not be unreasonably withheld) before acquiring any easements relating to Sewer Facilities...
Sewer Facilities. On-site sewer facilities required as a condition of approval of any Project permit shall be completed before the City issues a Certificate of Occupancy for any building for which the facilities are required.
Sewer Facilities. The Developer has caused Substantial ------------ ---------------- Completion of the construction of the Sewer Facilities to occur on or before July 4, 1996, and shall cause Final Completion of the construction of the Sewer Facilities to occur on or before December 31, 1996.
Sewer Facilities a. Service to sewer customers in the Algoma Sewer Service Area shall be through existing sanitary sewer mains connected to the sanitary sewer system owned by Plainfield. Plainfield does not and shall not own, and shall not be responsible for lateral connection lines, service leads and appurtenances outside of the public rights-of-way.
Sewer Facilities. The Project Site is within the service area of Pierce County Public Works & Utilities in accordance with the Pierce County Unified Sewer Plan as approved by the Pierce County Council and Washington State Department of Ecology. Sewer service will be provided by a public sewer system owned and operated by Pierce County Public Works and Utilities, which will connect into an onsite Wastewater Treatment Plant constructed by NASH and owned/operated by Pierce County. The phasing of the onsite WWTP, and interim treatment systems, is described in more detail in Section 4.1.3.

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Other Facilities Promptly and in no event more than ten (10) days after the effectiveness thereof, copies of (i) any documents, agreements or instruments evidencing indebtedness for borrowed money of any DT Entity and (ii) any amendment, restatement, supplement or other modification to any documents, agreements or instruments evidencing indebtedness for borrowed money of any DT Entity, including, without limitation, any fee letter, waiver, consent and any other document, agreement or instrument executed in connection with any of the foregoing.
Interconnection Facilities 4.1.1 The Interconnection Customer shall pay for the cost of the Interconnection Facilities itemized in Attachment 2 of this Agreement. The NYISO, in consultation with the Connecting Transmission Owner, shall provide a best estimate cost, including overheads, for the purchase and construction of its Interconnection Facilities and provide a detailed itemization of such costs. Costs associated with Interconnection Facilities may be shared with other entities that may benefit from such facilities by agreement of the Interconnection Customer, such other entities, the NYISO, and the Connecting Transmission Owner.
Underground Facilities All underground pipelines, conduits, ducts, cables, wires, manholes, vaults, tanks, tunnels, or other such facilities or attachments, and any encasements containing such facilities, including without limitation those that convey electricity, gases, steam, liquid petroleum products, telephone or other communications, cable television, water, wastewater, storm water, other liquids or chemicals, or traffic or other control systems.
Sanitary Facilities The Contractor shall furnish, install, and maintain ample sanitary facilities for the workers. As the needs arise, a sufficient number of enclosed temporary toilets shall be conveniently placed as required by the federal Department of Labor “Safety and Health Regulations for Construction” and the Princeton University approved site logistics plan (when a site logistics plan is required). Drinking water shall also be provided from an approved source, so piped or transported as to keep it safe and fresh and served from single source containers or satisfactory types of sanitary drinking stands or fountains. All such facilities and services shall be furnished and maintained in strict accordance with existing and governing health/sanitary regulations. Use of existing Princeton University facilities is not permitted unless specifically authorized in writing in advance by Princeton University. All temporary sanitary facilities provided by the Contractor shall be removed at the time of Substantial Completion.
TEACHER FACILITIES A. Each school shall have the following facilities:
Facilities Keep all properties useful or necessary to Borrower's business in good repair and condition, and from time to time make necessary repairs, renewals and replacements thereto so that such properties shall be fully and efficiently preserved and maintained.
Existing Facilities Each of the Existing Facilities shall be repaid in full and terminated and all collateral security therefor shall be released, and the Administrative Agent shall have received pay-off letters in form and substance satisfactory to it evidencing such repayment, termination and release.
Parking Facilities The parking facilities appurtenant to the Building include asphalt surface parking with some covered spaces (“Parking Area”). Tenant shall be entitled to use six (6) vehicle parking spaces within the covered portions of the Parking Area and fifteen (15) vehicle parking spaces within the uncovered portions of the Parking Area for the monthly parking of Tenant’s employees. Tenant’s use of the Parking Area shall be based upon a non-exclusive use in common with Landlord, other tenants of the Building, and their guests and invitees. Tenant shall not use more parking spaces than said number, or any spaces (a) which have been specifically assigned by Landlord to other tenants or for such other uses as visitor parking or (b) which have been designated by governmental entities of competent jurisdiction as being restricted to certain uses. Landlord reserves the right to erect such security and access and egress control devices as it may reasonably deem to be appropriate (including, without limitation card controlled gates) and Tenant agrees to cooperate fully with Landlord in such matters. Tenant shall not permit or allow any vehicles that belong to or are controlled by Tenant or Tenant’s employees, suppliers, shippers, customers, or invitees to be loaded, unloaded, or parked in areas other than those designated by Landlord for such activities. If Tenant permits or allows any of such prohibited activities, then Landlord shall have the right, without notice, in addition to such other rights and remedies that it may have, to remove or tow away the vehicle involved and charge the cost to Tenant, which cost shall be immediately payable upon demand by Landlord.
Common Facilities Common Facilities shall mean the non-assigned parking areas; lobby; elevator(s); fire stairs; public hallways; public lavatories; all other general Building facilities that service all Building tenants; air conditioning rooms; fan rooms; janitors' closets; electrical closets; telephone closets; elevator shafts and machine rooms; flues; stacks; pipe shafts and vertical ducts with their enclosing walls. Lessor may at any time close temporarily any Common Facilities to make repairs or changes therein or to effect construction, repairs or changes within the Building, or to discourage non-tenant parking, and may do such other acts in and to the Common Facilities as in its judgement may be desirable to improve the convenience thereof, but shall always in connection therewith, endeavor to minimize any inconvenience to Lessee.
Access to Facilities Each of the Company and each of its Subsidiaries will permit any representatives designated by the Purchaser (or any successor of the Purchaser), upon reasonable notice and during normal business hours, at such person's expense and accompanied by a representative of the Company, to: