Definition of Mountain Development Plan

Mountain Development Plan means the conceptual master plan for the total development of the Designated Area (including the construction of Improvements referred to herein in the Base Area and the Town Centre) into a high quality recreational ski area as part of a destination resort prepared in accordance with Articles 5.02, 5.03 and 5.04. The present Mountain Development Plan is attached hereto as Schedule "F";

Examples of Mountain Development Plan in a sentence

Fortress agrees that the location of Lift 14 shown on the Mountain Development Plan when constructed will not physically encroach on the existing Olympic ski run on Whistler Mountain and Fortress covenants that the said Lift and its trail system when constructed will not impede skier access from Whistler Mountain to the Town Centre.5.05Obligation of Fortress to Carry Out Improvements.
An application under the Land Act for a lease substantially in the form of Schedule "G" of each parcel of land outlined in, blue on Schedule "F" hereto and within which Fortress is to construct improvements which, in accordance with the Mountain Development Plan, will be a building (other than a Lift Terminal Facility), parking area, water system, septic tank or water disposal system.4.02Conditions Precedent.
Fortress shall not construct any Lift, restaurant, ski slope or other significant Improvement unless shown on the Mountain Development Plan attached as Schedule "F" hereto or an amended Mountain Development Plan approved by the Minister.5.03Amending the Mountain Development Plan.
Any material changes hereafter made by Fortress to the Mountain Development Plan will be submitted to the Minister for approval, which approval will not be unreasonably withheld.